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Description: This folder contains a repaint for the North American B-25 by Roy Chaffin Studios (RCS). It shows B-25J PH-XXV "Sarinah" of the Royal Netherlands AF Historical Flight. The B-25J-20-NC SN 44-29507 now flying as "Sarinah" was accepted by the USAAF on September 28, 1944 and delivered on September 30, 1944. She departed the same day to Moody Field, Georgia. The TB-25J trainer-bomber came on duty with 2144 Base Unit, ATC starting October 7, 1944. During her Air Force career, she amassed nearly 6200 flight hours. In July of 1959, she was sold to Fogle Aircraft in Tucson, Arizona. Her civil registration was assigned as N3698G at that time. In November of 1959 she was sold to Aero Enterprises in Elkhart, Indiana. In March of 1962 she was sold to Verco Tropical Fisheries in Columbus, Ohio. She was converted to carry cargo in bomb bay and waist area in December of 1962. She was then sold in February of 1966 to Robert R. Johnson from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In November 1968, she was owned by Austin Williams. Sold again in July 1972 to Ernest G. Trapaga from Redondo Beach, California. In September of 1974 she was purchased by I. N. Burchinal of Paris, Texas. Then, in September of 1979 she was sold to Robert Wingate, then back to Burchinal in November who sold her to Reyline Aviation from Kissimmee, Florida. In June 1981 she was sold to Donald Webber of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She flew as "Cochise". In December of 1989 she was sold to AMHO Corp from Wilmington Delaware and the registration was changed (in 1990) to N320SQ (representing the Dutch B-25 Mitchell 320 squadron). She was then ferried to Eindhoven, the Netherlands May 22-25 1990. The bomber was operated by the Duke of Brabant Air Force (DBAF) at Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands, who owned the bomber since 1996. From 1990 to 1999 she flew in RAF colors as "Lotys II". In April-May 1999 she was repainted in former ML-KNIL (NEIAF) colors and renamed "Sarinah". In 2009, her civil registration was changed to the current PH-XXV. Ownership was transferred in 2010 to the Royal Netherlands AF Historical Flight after a merger with DBAF.

Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the original textures by RCS.

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