May I please have some help?
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Thread: May I please have some help?

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    May I please have some help?

    In my FS9 there is something going on. When I fly and go to my VC, the red text that says VIRTUAL COCKPIT stays on the screen and when I try to hit my tail hook command a white box appears with text that reads PDF KNEEBOARD. Also, looking at my menus while flying, there is, next to Tools, a new thing called Cockpit Camera. When I open that, it’s all gibberish looking with numbers from 1-9 and another something below that. I have no idea where it came from or what it is or how to get rid of it. Please help me, I just want this to be fixed up. Thank you for reading this and for any help you give. Best regards, Jeremy

    P.S. I forgot to mention while in the VC I also can’t zoom in or out

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    Hi J,
    That's odd? If you've not installed any software or maybe an ac that came with add-ons then very strange...has child/relative etc access to the pc?

    Anyway, the best way is to start from scratch and get back functionality (hopefuly!), and that is done by finding and deleting the Fs9.cfg file. This is buried in your account programme settings, in a standard set-up it's C:\Users\**Your ID**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9, but search for it otherwise. Delete it, don't worry, as the game re-builds a new one when you fire up Fs2004 again, but it will be with standard settings, which should get you up and running.

    Also see if any new prog has been installed for Fs2004, if not required uninstall.



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    I wouldn't delete the fs9. cfg personally,
    just rename it, then its easy to restore.

    Wondering if you have FSX too, and the two cfg files have become corrupted as one?



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    As far as the fs9 cfg, I too would keep a copy before deleting it. It seems some of your issues are key assignment changes? I have over the last few months sometimes found my key assignments have changed and don't know why (but my computer is old as is my FS9 install). I have to either reassign them, select restore defaults at the assignments window or like above allowed a new cfg to be created. I can then go in and edit certain cfg lines to get my display back to what I had before without changing the fixed key assignments. As to the new tool you seem to have picked up, it may have come with something you added at some point, an aircraft or panel, anything. I'm sure I'm like most folks when I say I don't scan every part of FS every time I start it up so when I find a problem I don't always know when exactly it appeared which makes identifying the problem quite tedious.
    As a nearly last resort you could try System Restore if you are running Windows 7. Typically every drive is affected by this action unless you manually take them out of the loop first. I have done this in the past with good results concerning a problem I am trying to fix but there is always some collateral damage: like you may get prompted to install some Windows updates again or any aircraft, sceneries, etc that were added after the selected restore date will be wholly or partially gone and will need to be fixed. However with any luck the problem at issue will also be gone. Just try to choose a restore point just far enough back to when you know your problems were not around. System Restores are also reversible so if it doesn't work you should be able to get back to square one.
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    Although I'm not sure, but I thought there was a "reset to default" option/button in FS9. As the assignment of your buttons is already not what you had, it might be worth the try.


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