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    French VFR Roland D6

    Hi all
    Just wondering if anyone has the Roland D6 from French VFR working in P3D V4 onward. Everything functions for me except the ignition / spark switch which highlights with the mouse but does not move. I believe this leads to engine function problems making the airplane almost impossible to fly for any length of time. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    You can also ask your problem on French-vfr website if you want an answer (I am the webmaster ), no?

    I will test as soon as possible and give you an answer.

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    You don't click on the magneto switch itself to move; rather, you click directly on any of the 0, M1, M2, or 2 immediately below, and the magneto switch will then move to that location.

    Hope that helps -RobM

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    Thanks very much. I did post to your website and I very much appreciate the help. Very nice beautiful looking airplane. Thanks for creating it.
    All the best.

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    Hi again
    I've looked everywhere for numbers near the crank of the ignition / spark control but can find nothing. Only the crank highlights with the mouse but it does not move - nothing else close to the crank portion of the switch highlights with the mouse.

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    Hi again
    To clarify I am referring to the round crank operated switch low on the right side of the of the cockpit. I am given to believe that this switch controls the spark which in turn effects the engine performance. My experience has been that without being able to manipulate this switch after a short period of time the engine begins to run rough and the airplane will not continue to fly - which is a bad thing.

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    Just tried it out in P3D and I get the same result - the hand crank starter/"exciter" isn't working properly as compared to in FSX. With everything else set properly, however, it does start using Ctrl+E, and then once the hand crank returns to its normal spot, I set the fuel tank selector to its proper/normal running position and set the fuel pump selector to the motor-driven selection. From there, everything is good to go. Of course you just have to be careful to not overheat the engine, which it does quite easily, as it will sputter out and quit, and I recall it may be next to impossible to get it running again.
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    It's always possible that I'm asking too much of the engine. I'll play some more.
    Take care

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