FR B-24J Liberator WIP
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Thread: FR B-24J Liberator WIP

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    FR B-24J Liberator WIP

    Just in case anyone's interested, a few screenshots of the exterior model of the B-24 as it is today. This is still heavily a Work In Progress, with a lot left to do. No bump maps, for example, and as the VC model hasn't been started yet the cockpit is empty except for the crew. Panel lines and rivets are in basic black, as they're there just for positioning, and the overall grey colour scheme is just for use as texturing goes on. But it's looking like a B-24, so felt brave enough to post some pics.

    The model is a real challenge, as the B-24 isn't ideal for conserving the number of polygons needed, to put it mildly, and even with maximum optimization the model is very, very close to the limits. The last available are being saved for the exterior cockpit and if possible for bomb bay details. Doing the Halifax, North Star and DC-4 previously have really helped with this one.

    Hope you like it so far, and just remember these are very early shots. More to come.

    Must have been really cold in those waist gun positions at 23,000 ft:

    Fully bombed up, full tanks and ready to go:

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    Looking REALLY good from here, Mike. Will definitely be watching this one.
    Don H

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    Real nice so far, looking forward to it. Will there be a D model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taco View Post
    Real nice so far, looking forward to it. Will there be a D model?
    Yes, there will be a D model.

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    Count me in!

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    Really nice work so far. I have some pics of "Witchcraft" if you need them.
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    Finally a fantastic looking B-24 Liberator. Great work Mike, really appreciate the update.
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Looks outstanding, Mike! Thanks for the reveal! Now if I could only find a period representation of Chabua and Jorhat CBI airfields...

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    "Just in case anyone's interested...."? You're funny Mike! Even these very early shots look really good. I've had Virtavia's B-24 for a while now and have been happy with it, but am looking forward to an up to date Liberator! I've been hooked on your stuff since I bought the Boomerang. The Buchon is really good but my favorite so far is the 262. I've had many flameouts (and a couple of successful single engine landings) in it teaching me to be very careful with the throttle. (The Buchon is also a challenge for me during take off.) I like the fact that you guys turn the difficulty up to 11 and make some planes that haven't been done to death. (Especially the Carvair.) I have just one request, could we get "Moby Dick" from the 90th BG as a skin for the D? (Oh, and is there a way to get a front seat view in the Me-262B-1a/U1 where my eyes aren't inside the virtual pilot's head? Sorry for going off topic.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Patterson View Post
    (Oh, and is there a way to get a front seat view in the Me-262B-1a/U1 where my eyes aren't inside the virtual pilot's head? Sorry for going off topic.)

    That would be page 12 of the manual, item #7 (rear cockpit, left side, first bolt on the sheet metal behind canopy tubular frame, just above the canopy latch handle).

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    Cant wait!
    "Must to have" addon from my top list .
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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYo View Post
    Cant wait!
    "Must to have" addon from my top list .
    what a wonderful job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_cyul View Post

    Must have been really cold in those waist gun positions at 23,000 ft:

    It was. Crews had to wear oxygen masks, kept goggles over their eyes and wore leather boots, gloves, pants, coat, and cap, often wool lined, over an electrically heated suit. On top of all of that, a flak jacket, a parachute, and maybe even a steel helmet.

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    Great picture stansdds, The aviator shown is a fantastic picture. I would only hope that such a person with the same equipment and clothing would show up at the upcoming Area 51 stamped by the public. If that could happen you would need to be careful to not get run over by fleeing alien enthusiasts. LOL
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    Very anxious for this Liberator. Exciting to see the progress!

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    As usual, it looks great already.

    I'm sure the curves on the vertical tail edges, wing tips, and the engine cowls eat a lot of polys by themselves.

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    Loved the Alphasim/Virtavia aircraft. Looking forward to seeing this one!
    Very Respectfully,

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    WOW! If I could pay you for it right now I would!

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    Great to see your progress and keeping us updated on the Liberator. Patiently await the craftsman's finished masterpiece.

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    Will there be a C-87 model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simondix View Post
    Will there be a C-87 model?
    Yes, there will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_cyul View Post
    Yes, there will.
    Thank you.

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    I hope that you will be including at least one of the multi-coloured formation ship liveries - please, pretty please.

    Excellent progress anyway - really looking forward to the release.

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    Beautiful and you do so well Mike..

    Another I'm looking forward to.



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