Messerschmitt Bf-109B-1 Early
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    Messerschmitt Bf-109B-1 Early

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    Description: A port-over, rebuild and modification of an IL-2 Sturmovik flightsim Bayerische Flugzeugwerk Bf109 B1 fighter model for FSX by Shessi and AF Scrub, Aug 2019.

    The model imported from the flightsim IL-2 Sturmovik, re-built, animated and modified/upgraded externally and internally, including many LODs added for best frame rates, to represent an early model Bf-109B-1of the 1937-40 era. Then Scrubby took the model and tweaked it for FSX.


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    This is an excellent piece of work and fills a niche within FSX re: probably the most important Luftwaffe fighter of WWII, the Bf-109 in all its marks. I have placed this aircraft in my FSX installation. It files very well indeed, but I've noticed a curious behavior - my display will periodically hang up for a fraction of a second or so while this aircraft is being flown; at the same time the sound will stop. The display will then begin moving before the sound catches up. I've changed the textures being used and installed the no mip-maps option as provided for by Shessi, thinking getting rid of the mips would help things along a little, but this still continues. Another thing that occurs is an odd sound like a steady tone from a WWII-ear air raid siren when the flight first begins with this aircraft. This only occurs in exterior views, never in interior. Once the throttle is adjusted up slightly, then back down, this noise goes away.

    I'm wondering if something in the sound setup for the aircraft is not meshing properly with my machine. As a test I installed the sound for the WOP Bf109E-3 and while this seems to help somewhat in that the pauses in the display don't happen as much, they still do.

    My device manager says I'm running an AMD High Definition Audio Device plus Realtek High Definition audio. Video card is an AMD Radeon R9 380 series.

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