CWDT F-100C has no main flaps
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Thread: CWDT F-100C has no main flaps

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    CWDT F-100C has no main flaps

    Got a problem, I have noticed the CWDT trailing edge flaps do not extend or retract.

    Is there a fix for the problem?

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    It ain't broke! The F-100C did not have flaps. It did have automatically deploying spoilerons on each wing leading edge, which can be manually deployed with the F5-F8 flap control keys. It also has a very nice speed brake, the / key.

    The follow-on F-100D models did have flaps, but none on the F-100C.

    So ... no need for "flaps" on takeoff or landing.

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    The leading edge slats were gravity driven to extend at slow speeds like a lot of aircraft of that era but
    that's probably not coded in so you'll have to give them a little nudge in the right direction as llanning08 suggested.

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    Actually, the spoilerons appear to be modeled quite well. They deploy at lower speeds and retract as speed increases after about 200 knots. If you try to deploy them at higher speeds F8 key deploys them but they immediately retract.

    In unusual attitudes (or aerobatics, think dog fighting), they deploy to retard high angle of attack stalling. Unlike the real F-100C, both sides do not fail to deploy/retract together. This was a real problem which did cause serious and fatal incidents. Probably the reason the F-100D did get flaps.

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