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Thread: next AW aircraft?

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    next AW aircraft?

    I am taking some time off during the Summer to see which aircraft needs to be built. I have a few choices:

    1. Ki-44: The best one is built by Wolfi. It is missing a VC gunsight and animated gauges. I wish that he could update the aircraft.

    In the meantime, I am collecting data on the VC. I could not find any good VC photo of the gauges, controls, control stick and VC floor. I bought the IL-2 Utimate Version, it does not have any Ki-44, so I can not take any screen shots of the cockpit. Please send me some images from the other versions of IL-2 if you have some photos. ( I need detailed images from the left side, right side, and the floor.

    2. FW-190A: The one I like best does not have any VC animation. I am think of building a new one.

    3. FW-190D: The one I like best have some VC animation with a pilot.

    4. Updating the AW IAR-80: Please send me some VC cockpit screen shots if you have any good ones. I built that aircraft with a fictitious VC cockpit.

    I have updated the AW Spitfire with an animated compass. I am not too sure whether I should upload the aircraft with a minor modification.

    I have also updated the AW BF-109G6 series with a paintable VC gunsight if there are any interests.


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    Here is some pictures of the Ki-44 cockpit from IL-2 '46 with the VP modpack expansion. If you are new to IL-2 the best place to go is You can find all sorts of downloads there along with VP modpack or the huge expansion BAT. I love IL-2 1946 and CFS3 also. Just got back into CFS2 and enjoy it greatly. Hope these pictures help. VP modpack is also very easy to install and improves the sim greatly. Worth a try. Regards ,Scott
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    Thanks sixstrings5859,

    I am going to rebuild the AW IAR80 first. It is a lot easier.

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