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Description: Paints for Nigel's Avro Tutor.

Two 'G' registered tails.

G-AFZW representing an aeroplane used by No 32 ERFTS ; Between April and Sept 1939 PS & IOW Aviation of Portsmouth, operated No. 32 ERFTS at Greatham, Hartlepool on behalf of RAF. Greatham airfield, was later to be known as RAF Greatham, a satellite of RAF Thornaby. K3237 was registered as G-AFZW to Portsmouth, Southsea and IOW Aviation Ltd in 1939, presumably 'loaned' from the RAF, and is seen wearing combined civil and military colours and marks typical of the Civilian ERFTS establishments. A change of ownership is recorded in Nov 1940 and it is later recorded as being back with RAF at Upavon on strength of Central Flying School. CFS itself was disbanded in 1942, no record for the aeroplane exists after CFS, so was probably another tail that did not survive WW2

And a survivor; K5066 was converted / demilitarized from a 626 after WW2 by Southern Aircraft Ltd, at Gatwick, registered as G-AHVO it ended its' days at Pebsham airfield,Hastings. Accounts as to the colour vary (there is only 1 monochrome picture of it on the web) from overall black / battleship grey to blue. And as to its' fate, again varies between being broken up on site, having been attractive to animals,to taken away in pieces and the fuselage being seen in Ramsgate. The registration was recorded cancelled in 1950. As overall black doesn't work that well in sim, I've gone for blue , and left the townend ring and undercart legs au naturel for some 'bling.'

FS9 as I don't run FSX sorry.

Feel free to convert for your own use.

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