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Thread: Design Team Daedalus Bf 109G-6 Erla Haube Stab III.JG26

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    Design Team Daedalus Bf 109G-6 Erla Haube Stab III.JG26

    Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 Erla Haube Released
    by Design Team Daedalus

    Unit: Stab III./JG26 Vendevile, France March 1944
    Pilot: Major Klaus Mietusch 75 victories and 4 unconfirmed - 60 in the West including 13 four-engine bombers. Shot down KIA September 17. 1944.

    In late summer of 1943 two improvements were made to improve all around pilot vision which was restricted by the standard Bf109 canopy and all metal head armor.

    The Erla Haube canopy was introduced at the end of 1943 which eliminated to heavy canopy framing and improved the pilots vision in all direction. Many in-service Bf109-G's were retrofitted in the field, but the overwhelming majority were factory installed and it became the canopy for all following Messerschmitt marks.

    Also, the so called Galland Panzer head armor with the upper section made of bullet proof glass improving the pilots vision to the rear became the production standard and again, was retrofitted
    to many 109's already in field.

    Even so, there was no "standard" Bf 109G-6, as the production included different radio equipment, oil cooler types, antenna masts, etc. which were available at different times during the production runs. So each model we have created has its own unique features.

    Pstrany developed the models using Paul Rebuffat's Messerschmitt model - with permission - as a starting framework and updated the shape, and added a plethora of details, new parts, and ideas. Pstrany also developed the models for the drop tanks, weapons and racks.

    Captain Kurt created paints for each, the 2D instrument panel, the individual .dp files, the air files and the aircraft.cfg files.

    Mav SCASM edited each model so that they have animated wing slats, drop tanks, and other features, as well as optimizing models for the best possible frame rates. Mav also developed the idea for the 2d panel to be offset for the Revi gun sight to match the CFS2 reticle.

    We have all benefited from the assistance and guidance of others in the community. Special thanks to Wolfi and Huub Vink for their kind assistance and to all who have contributed their knowledge directly and indirectly.
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    TEAM DAEDALUS - Bf-109 Gs - Bomb and Rocket models

    Hi Guys,
    Firstly - thank you all so much for the selection of really great Bf 109 Gs'. Paul Rebuffat's Spitfire was one of my great favourites back in the early days of FS2004 and you have done a remarkable job on the Me 109s. Thank you very much.

    Your excellent work on a wide number of models is is really impressive. I have installed all of your postings and am enjoying flying this a/c. One point I mention, is that while the gun pods and undercarriage version for use in snow, work, I have failed to get the underslung rockets or the bomb models to show the ordnance. The drop tank appears in all and works well.

    I have installed the G's in one folder and changed the aircraft cfg to point up all of the various flt models and ord models.
    Gone over the installations very carefully but no joy in getting the rocket pods or single bomb to show.

    Thanks again for some really great flying fun.


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    Hi Mal;

    sorry for the delay in reply, but I've been holed up with the Emil, and haven't been getting out much.

    Thank you for you kind words. As to bombs and rockets, I'm sorry to report that when we did these versions, I was still pretty new to modeling for FS2004, and so wasn't quite sure how to do either one. All my experience was with CFS2, and I wasn't sure how these things are done.

    I have subsequently figured out how to do bombs (similar to drop tanks) but to date I haven't figured out how to model firing rockets, and felt it was pointless to just hang them on the wings. Future releases of bomb-carrying models does include droppable bombs, but I would welcome any suggestions on how to do the rocket-equipped versions.

    We have completed about 80+ models to date; we are releasing them slowly over time so as not to overwhelm. We have completed most of the Gustav models (G-2, G-4, G-6, G-10, G-12 and G-14) as well as the Freidrich models (F-1, F-2 and F-4) and I'm currently working on the Emil. As we've progressed though this project, I've had to learn as I go, so you will find incremental improvements with each successive new release.

    So apologies, but you will be able to at least drop a bomb or two with future releases. In the meantime, if you know of an example of an FS2004 model with fireable rockets, please point me toward it, and I'll see if I can incorporate them.


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