Hi Mongoose, I just came across your item in the Knowledgebase sticky about multiple installs of the mission builder. I have recently started to have exactly that problem. I hope that your trick will solve it. In a related manner, I have checked the regsitry and quite a few of my installs don't seem to have registry entries. I am starting to suspect that various niggly problems I am having are due to the fact that I think I am running one specific cfs3.exe, but the registry is assigning the address to a different install pathway.

One thing I am going to try is to rename all the versions of csfs3.exe to things like BoB.exe, ETO.exe, etc. Trouble is, the exes will still retain the original information about what the exe was initially named. There may be a way to wipe that information about the original file name.

I started to notice problems with either the latest video driver, or the latest Win10 update. A lot of my installs would not even start, and I found that removing GEForce Experience fixed the problem, but some of my spawn files don't seem to work as well as they used to.

Is anyone else out there with multiple installs experiencing niggly problems with their installs?