As mentioned some time ago, it was great to be re-acquainted with the SD360, an aircraft I flew back in the early 1980's, Carenado did an excellent job then, and have done the same with their new SD330, and in truth as I did more time in the 330 than the 360, it is like visiting an old friend. The only difference I can see at the moment, is that our 330s had magnetic indicators (dolls eyes) for showing system connections, (black for off-white if connected) not the E.I.s shown. The only problem with the M.I.s is that occasionally they would stick, but a gentle tap with a fingernail would do the trick!! Our aircraft did not have auto-pilots- they were an optional extra at the time! Regarding the comment about the difference in the nose profile, I am sure it was exactly the same as the 360-which brings me to a little story. Our first 330 raised a lot of local interest, so much so that it was decided to name the aircraft, VH-KNQ, after the town, the "City of Mildura" On the appointed day, the aircraft was parked to the right of the small terminal, and because of apron restrictions, the nose pointed out. The Lady Mayoress of the city was to do the honours, and to christen the aircraft accordingly. She walked out of the terminal, turned right to be presented with aircraft's least flattering angle, its posterior, looking like the end of a shipping container with an oversized "I"beam tacked on the top, the twin fins. With a look of horror, she exclaimed, "I'm not flying in that!!!", she reversed course back towards the terminal. After frank and earnest discussions, with the airlines C.E.O., the Chief Pilot, Shorts Representatives, and local councillors, she agreed to go ahead, and was given a brief flight around the city and environs, She left, totally wrapped in the aircraft, which she was locally quoted as saying "delightful to fly in, if beautifully ugly from the outside" Sold!!