Glad to be back in CFS2 land.
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Thread: Glad to be back in CFS2 land.

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    Glad to be back in CFS2 land.

    Been playing CFS2 for a couple of months now and really enjoying it. Just in the PTO for now because CFS3 lacks in this department. Have both PTO expansions for CFS3 but it lacks all the aircraft and missions CFS2 has. Will get into the ETO for CFS2 later as it looks to be a little complicated to install.

    Got all the files needed to do it but not the time to take away from flying.Sure brings back fond memories,even if the graphics are a little dated. With all the work done the PTO will keep me busy for a while. Haven't played IL-2 in months because CFS2 is so much FUN.

    Thanks to all involved in making CFS2 what it is today.

    Regards, Scott

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    We’re always happy to welcome old friends back into the fold!

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