Colonel Killed in Vietnam War Finally Came Home...
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Thread: Colonel Killed in Vietnam War Finally Came Home...

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    Colonel Killed in Vietnam War Finally Came Home...

    ...His Son Flew the Final Leg of His Homecoming.

    Col. Roy A. Knight Jr. received full military honors after a Southwest Airlines flight carrying his remains landed at Love Field in Dallas.
    Bryan Knight was 5 years old when he said goodbye for the last time to his father, Roy A. Knight Jr., at Love Field in Dallas.

    Fifty-two years later, Mr. Knight, piloting a Southwest Airlines flight on Thursday, brought back the remains of his father, an Air Force colonel who was killed in the Vietnam War, to the same airport.
    I am not crying!

    It's just the dust in the air...

    Longer video of arrival at Love Field:
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    Welcome back and God bless you, sir. You gave the ultimate sacrifice; now rest in peace. My sincere condolences to your family.

    N4gix, thanks for the touching story. That dust is contagious .....

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    Very touching story and video, thanks for sharing.
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