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    Honor Harrington

    Is anyone besides myself loving this series by David Weber? Great military action and fantastic story telling.

    there have been rumors that it was going to be made into a movie but was squashed. I believe it would do great as the major characters have “prolong” which keeps them mostly looking 16 or so. Would attract younger crowd to the movie.

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    What channel is it on ? Never heard of it.

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    They're books, I think.

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    Yes, I have the entire series as e-books. Love it! A very good writer with a military background, David Weber does a great job.
    I think the tree cats are my favorite part though.

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    Unless something new has come out in the last year or so, I believe I have read the entire series including the spin-offs.
    David Weber seems to do a really good job combining British and American Naval terminology in a way that seems to hold together pretty well.

    For those who have not encountered the series, I believe it is pretty much Horatia Hornblower and the age of fighting sail in space with yet another take on Faster than Light technology.

    Although Treecats are kinda cool, I personally would not like the idea of having one constantly sitting on my shoulder....

    If this was a real video series, it would get interesting though a lot of the smaller details might get lost. I believe I have seen a couple short you-tube videos that had ships from the Honorverse.

    - Ivan.

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    I am a great fan of Napoleonic era sea stories which brought me to this series. The best for me is Dewey Lambin’s series.

    this has nothing to do with flight sims but I think these books would interest any sim fan.

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    I've been a fan of David Weber ever since I encountered his fantastic "Honorverse" series. I have every book published thus far in hard cover edition. I am anxiously awaiting the next volume(s) in this sprawling saga!
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