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    Old Crow

    "Old Crow" Mustang Auctioned ... $400K

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    Something I was looking to do to one of my motorcycles, not this exact one, but a similar design. I'm impressed they carried the theme into the interior, probably the coolest part.
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    Old Crow Mustang

    Very cool. I imagine that the engineers and craftsman that are pulled into these projects enjoy themselves immensely. Good on Ford!
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    I like it!!!

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    Saw this parked a couple of weeks ago at an airshow in Everett, WA....

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    I spoke with Bud one day last week,we had a nice phone conversation,it was funny at one point early on,he says now i know its a friend,i need to put the phone down and grab my hearing aid..lol..then he told three time..ya know dave im 97 now..hes a good man and said he was at Oshkosh again this year,but he wouldnt answer me when i asked if he will be going overseas any more..he just changed the subject..he asked how my mom was..he'd forgotten she had passed,that was a little hard.

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