North Korea side of Korean war
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    North Korea side of Korean war

    I downloaded the Fox Four install of the Korea. I am having a hard time finding North Korean Campaign and UIRES screens for the new load. can anyone help me out? I found all the aircraft and vehicles and bases but I was trying to fly the north Korean Side.

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    Question Reply...


    Are you using the expanded country.cfg file? Did you make sure that the North Korean side has a corresponding country.cfg entry, so that way the UIRES screens will show up, as well as the missions?

    And in the mission on the top of the information, if you open it with notepad, which number does it indicate under allegiance? That will tell you which country in the sim the missions are loaded under.

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    Re: Korea Screens ... XMAS in July ???

    Yo Marty;

    Saw this thread this morning and started scratching my head trying to figure out where I got my North Korean URIES.
    The problem is that I built that sim 12 years ago ... it was my 1st big custom CFS2 build. A specific Korean War only install.

    After searching thru my Korea files and running the sim ... now I know ... I built most of the screens myself - many were modified and converted to be North Korean Air Force; from the base Fox Four screen pack. This is when I learned how how to make screens - with much help from AJAX and Mercure.

    I also expanded the "country.cfg" to contain all combatants whom fought in the Korean theater. This allows more flexibility for building missions in various combat scenarios.

    I guess I just don't like how CFS2 combines 3 branches of the US military into one common area. I think it better to separate them, again adding mission building flexibility.

    Royal Navy
    North Korean Air Force
    US Navy
    US Air Force
    Russian Air Force
    Red Chinese Air Force
    US Marines

    If you are interested, You are welcome to what I have.

    Just understand that this sim is still a "work in progress" and by no means a finished product.
    Some of the screens are kinda rough ... but still functional & usable.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CFS2 RN01.jpg   CFS2 Red Chinese Air Force.jpg   CFS2 NK01.jpg   CFS2 Russian Air Force.jpg   CFS2 USAF01.jpg   CFS2 USN01.jpg  


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    Icon22 That looks like it

    I think that would fill the bill. would you up load it for everyone?

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    Icon9 Sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by Marty View Post
    would you up load it for everyone?
    The screens are based on the Fox Four screen pack and are the property of Fox Four & Tom Sanford (Tango Romeo)

    TR does not allow his files to be uploaded to SOH in any way, shape or form as of 2009.

    Tom is my friend and I will respect his wishes as does SOH.

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    Dirtman: Has he posted them anywhere else, perhaps on Simviation?
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    Icon14 Good question Bro ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Wolf 07 View Post
    Dirtman: Has he posted them anywhere else, perhaps on Simviation?
    Wolfman: (LOL) All FoxFour downloads are available @ SimV - it is their home site - Tom Sanford is the Webmaster.

    However: They never made any North Korean missions/campaigns so there is no screenpack to support the North Korean AF.

    In 2006, Daniel Nole uploaded: "MiGS OVER KOREA" a 33 mission campaign. It included a 5 NKAF screens and corresponding "country.cfg" entry to allow the user to fly as a NKAF pilot. (there is also at least 1 update pack for MOK)

    Unfortunately (to me) was that except for the 5 screens in the pack - all others were just stock CFS2 Japan WW2 "cartoon" type .. which I do not like at all because they look so "cheap".

    I felt compelled to create a complete NKAF screen pack using some of the orig. Fox Four screens so that they looked like the other Nationalities in the sim and blended together.

    I have created several original "out" screens for NK (as I have done for the USN WW2 Pacific - here at SOH) based on pictures I collected on-line.

    I also noticed I'd used some screens from Mercure's Korean screenpack and also his EXCELLENCE "Korea Splashs+Load+ Update" - also all are here @ SOH

    Because I have built the majority of this screen pack, base upon the work of others; I am unable to upload it to SOH without permission from the original authors - which I cannot obtain.


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