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    Orbx northwest.

    I see that Orbx has released PNW for x-plane. Price is a little steep for me. I wonder if there is a discount for previous owners of the FSX/P3D version. Really hate having to buy it all over again.

    edit: sorry, it’s True Earth Washington and the price is not bad. Still wish for a discount for those that have PNW. I saw the price in A$$$, sorry for the huge devaluation of the dollar there. I was in Australia a few years ago and the dollar was quite strong to the US dollar..

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    OrbX PNW ?
    If you are referring to the "True Earth Washington state" product, this is quite different from PNW for FSX/P3D.
    TE Washington covers the state of Washington only, unlike PNW which covered also a part of Canada.
    Also, TE Washington is 100% orthophoto (photoscenery) with very nice autogen on it, while PNW was a landclass-based product.
    Finally, TE Washington has only one season, while PNW had textures for all seasons.

    As a consequence, there is no discount, because these are two different products.
    However, OrbX is now finally starting to released their airports for XPlane, and in that precise case, if you already own the FSX/P3D version of an airport, you can buy the Xplane version with a 40% discount.
    Because of this, I will probably buy Darrington soon, and I will also buy Concrete when it will be released.

    I was using OrbX PNW on P3D, and I have now bought TE Washington for XPlane, and I'm very happy with it. Sure I don't get the seasons, but I'm ok with that. The beauty of flying this area with nice orthophoto and excellent autogen is worth it, for me.

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    After writing the post above, I went to my FTX Central and checked the new products in the North America section. Sure enough, Darrington was there.
    I checked the product page, and it was showing with 40% discount indeed, so the total price was only around 13 euros if I remember correctly (19 Australian Dollars)

    One little thing went wrong though.
    After installing the airport, I triggered a new flight from there. Upon reaching the cockpit, I got some errror messages about some missing things in the scenery, and also telling the scenery would not be loaded.
    As a consequence, the Darrington area was just the ortho photo with a few autogen buildings, and no runway at all.

    The problem was the lack of OrbX Libraries for XPlane 11. Don't ask me why, but this "product" does not appear in the list of available products, until you go manually to the FTX website, login to your account, find the OrbX Libs for Xplane11, and click on them to add them to your account. ONLY THEN they appear in your FTX Central tool, and you can trigger the installation. After that, the scenery loaded perfectly.
    And boy is it perfect! The rendering is actually a little bit superior to P3Dv4 for that one, mostly thanks to the greater surrounding photoscenery and the nicer-looking grass on the ground. Made a few short flights around using the default Baron and the Bell 412 by XTrident (a gem!!), what a pleasure ! It was very fluid too.

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    Orbx Northwest

    Hi Daube, It has been awhile since we exchanged posts, probably the last time was FSX on a different forum. I always enjoy your comments because I have similar likes and dislikes that you express on a variety of topics. That brings me to Orbx Northwest and after reading your summary of the latest release for Xplane, I decided to give it a go. I had bought Orbx sceneries for FSX and P3D over the years and thought they were a good upgrade over the default. Then I went over to Xplane 11 and was totally blown away by the default and free scenery upgrades both mesh and Ortho tiles plus all the great airports that were available.
    Once in awhile I would go back to FSX and P3D to fly my favorite addons and would really start to miss Xplane immediately after a few minutes of the scenery portrayal in my former 2 favorite sims. I swore I would not buy Orbx for Xplane based on these observations. But after reading your comments on this release, I gave in to buying it only to prove my point and also to give the community some support which I think is important to get more developers over to Xplane. I do this with all sorts of addons in every category. This is my hobby in later life and I like to spend a little money to maybe entice more development.
    I will say right up front that your comments were spot on. This is the best I have seen for low and slow flight yet. There are some"Orbx" -
    things that I found that I really do not like such as sheer cliffs or wall faces on mountains that look totally out of place and secondary roads in big cities such as Seattle that look out of place just drawn on top of scenery. The default roads in Xplane are much more realistic. It is a huge download and I do not know how you do a whole continent or even a region between disk space and cost alone. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out but I am going to go back to my original game plan for Xplane and stick to the default scenery. If you fly tubes at FL350 you will not need or see this fantastic work that you are flying over. I could see maybe your home turf when it is available or some other area that you might have an interest in as being something to own but anyway thanks for your heads up on a really great work of art and I will comment further as I get into it a little deeper. I would not discourage anyone from buying this add on as I think it is worth the price just to see what can be done. I have never seen mountains look so lifelike. Skip
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    Quote Originally Posted by skipph View Post
    ......and secondary roads in big cities such as Seattle that look out of place just drawn on top of scenery. The default roads in Xplane are much more realistic.

    Have you tried the configuration panel under the Washington "Options" in FTX Central or ORBX Central? I much prefer to use the "Transparent Roads" option for the ortho areas. It looks much more natural. There are always little bits of roads that sneak in for some reason (roundabouts look terrible) but overall the transparent roads look great.
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    The comments in the two posts above are interesting. I have to confess I have not flown over Seattle (with OrbX Washington) yet, so I haven't noticed yet any problems with the roads. Also, for the moment, I haven't noticed any issues with the textures for the mountains. I will pay more attention if I find an area with more cliffs. Maybe the White Horse next to Darrington is a good canditate ?

    I have noticed the roads displayed on top of the ortho though, but I totally forgot to check if there were any king of settings in the FTX Central
    I will take a look at this right now, thanks for the tip !

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    Thanks scotth6, read the manual, works every time. I went into the FTX Central menu and there is one and only one setting to change and that was the transparent road setting and all is good on that score. I would like an explanation from Orbx on why they think the default setting actually has any value to enhance the scenery. Not even close between the 2. Daube, I only have encountered 1 example of the "Orbx shear cliff " north of Seattle. I saw many of these examples in P3D, FSX sceneries mostly in Alaska. Skip
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