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Description: Two paints for Nigel's Avro Tutor.

1) Representing an aeroplane allocated to #1 AACU , 1940

The job of #1 AACU (Anti-Aircraft Co=operation Unit) was to provide targets for anti-aircraft gunners' to aim (and shoot) at; the calibration of anti-aircraft gun radars and training for searchlight crews; for this it used a variety of aircraft from the Avro Cierva C.30 Autogyro, through to Bristol Beaufighter and anything in between, operating in 'detached flights' from many airfields around UK.

As far as I can make out the Tutors' it had on strength were used in a similar fashion to the autogyro's for calibration of AA gun radars ; whether they ever had the black stripes on undersurface per AMO (Air Ministry Order) A.687/41 I have no idea, but no doubt would come in handy to keep itchy fingers off of triggers.

2) Tutor K6100 , as allocated to 1424Flt, at RAF Larkhill ; 1941.

There is a well-known photo of K6100 being flown 'solo' from front seat while at 1424Flt.

1424Flt was part of the School of Army Co-Operation , based at Old Sarum, Wiltshire; training Pilots' and Observers' in Air Observation Post techniques; using a variety of light aircraft and had sub-flights lettered 'A' thru 'D' within its make up. In 1942 'D' flt at RAF Larkhill became 43 OTU, (Operational Training Unit) still employed in same role.

RAF Larkhill (now better known as Larkhill Camp, army barracks) , was one of the 3 'lost airfields of Stonehenge' as they are known now (due to their proximity to the ancient stone circle) ; the other two being Lake Down and Stonehenge, and as an aside all 3 were connected by a light railway, the route of which is still visible in aerial photos of the area.



I've also included in this version alternate fuselage and tail textures featuring type C marks which came into being in 1942, for a 43 OTU variation.

FS9 as I don't run FSX sorry.

Feel free to convert for your own use.

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