An early model Arado Ar 234A Blitz
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Thread: An early model Arado Ar 234A Blitz

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    An early model Arado Ar 234A Blitz

    Hi Folks,
    At the other end of the war-time scale is this Arado Ar 234A. The B model wheeled Blitz has been done to death, BUT not the A skidded version. I've taken the wheeled B model, getting it into Fs9 and am converting it into an A skidded model. It will have quite a few animations, including RATO's which will be dropable and deployable retarding landing parachute and others.

    I didn't realise when I started, that the cockpit of the early A model is quite different to the B DOH! given myself even more to do (see pic below).

    At the end we will have the A model and then a whole load of B models and Luft46 version.

    Early shots...


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ar 234 A  1.jpg   Ar 234 A  2.jpg   Ar234A cockpit.jpg  

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    Wow, yet another great plane on the way.

    Many thanks,


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    Thanks, Shessi, for all the new additions!

    Out of curiosity- is this aircraft, and the 109s in the other thread, a result of your being able to convert (albeit laboriously) aircraft from Il-2 1946?

    I was also wondering... do the 'Luft '46' versions of the Arado that you spoke of refer to, perhaps, a Ar-234C? Or perhaps, one of the swept-wing studies?

    Thanks again! -Mike Z.

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    Hi Mike,
    Yes it is, and the very skilled and generous people at IL-2 SAS.

    There is the C2 four engined Ar234 which I'll do at some time. Once I have the 234A/B sorted for Fs9 ie all animated and tweaked to look good in our sims, we have the Ar234 ac platform for any of the developments and Luft46 projects etc.

    Just a matter of time, and sanity



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    when i first found this post i couldn't tell what he was saying about making one but that's awesome that hes making one as ive been waiting years for that one!!

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    I had missed this announcement. Not bad for an aircraft with two engines and without propellers


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