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Thread: Got a problem!

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    Got a problem!

    For the last week or so every time I try flying FSX it just quits working. Maybe five or ten minutes into a flight with either freeware or payware, it just shuts down and goes back to desktop. A box shows up and says windows is looking for a solution. I'm running windows 7 and have repaired both fsx and acceleration but it still does the same thing.I'm not real smart on computers but have been flying since fs2004. I can usually figure out problems on these two sims but this one I can't . Any help would be welcomed!!!

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    Worth a Try

    Working backwards chronologically, you might try uninstalling add-ons. One at time, after each uninstall, try reloading and running FSX.

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    Is it a licensing issue? Have you changed your computer enough that you need to redo the key, or the many other various reasons it happens?

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    First thing I would do is delete the fsx.cfg and let the sim rebuild it.

    The second thing I would do is go into your Control Panel and open the Error Reporting (after the next FSX reboot) to see what if any module is causing the problem. You would have a better idea as to what FSX addon might be causing the issue.

    Another thing to look at is what programs you have running in the background. Something new like a virus protection can be conflicting with FSX. If you run a product like CCCleaner, it has a tool for looking at what programs load at startup so you can verify if another program is running or not in the background.

    You didn't mention what you were flying at the time of the FSX reboot. Some products like the SSW F-84 will lock up FSX if not properly registered, or some products have been known to have a memory leak that forces FSX to reboot. Lots of options here.

    Good luck.
    -- WH

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    How are your CPU and GPU temps when the CTD happens?

    Are you running any AI programs that might be trying to insert planes when the CTD happens?


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    Review windows event viewer and see if the ctds causes error reports

    Then google the fault codes, the rest is pretty easy to follow as fsx is 13yrs old and theres 10000s of posts for each reported crash code
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    This could be the result of a modern UI Automation Core .dll which doesn't match the much older code of FSX. It's quite common when running the sim on modern PCs.Try the attached link which also links to a download of the file, but put it in the FSX root folder. DO NOT replace your PC's main version. Putting it in the FSX folder means that this older version will be read by the sim there, and it should stop the sim hanging. Worth a shot...
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