Changing Virtual Cockpit for specific textures
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Thread: Changing Virtual Cockpit for specific textures

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    Changing Virtual Cockpit for specific textures

    Hi GuysIs it possible to change the virtual cockpit of a specific texture?What I mean is, different virtual cockpits for the same aircraft type.....I'm wanting to change the cockpits of the Manfred Jahn C47.For example, I have a textures for military C47s, which I want to have the dark green interior, but also in the same folder I have textures for DC3 airliners, which I want to have a lighter blue/grey cockpit for example.Hope this makes senseThanksJamie

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    I think I understand what you try to say. And yes that is possible.

    I assume that you VC textures are now in the generic texture folder. This is the folder where all shared textures are in.

    In the specific texture folders is is a small texture configuration file (texture.cfg), which tells the the sim where to look for textures which are not in available the specific texture folder. So when you put the VC textures you llike for this livery in the specific texture folder. The sim will not look for those which are in the generic folder.

    I had a quick look and the Manfred Jahn's C-47 has quite some textures for the VC. in general these are the textures with padding in their name and those with VC. Before you start to play, make sure you have make a back-up.

    I hope this makes some sense, but as non-native English speaker it about the best I can do.............


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    Jamie, Hubb is correct.

    I have three folders that contain three different colors for the VC.

    If you do a search of for some of the work by Marvin Carter for Manfred's C-47 you will find some alternate colors for the VC. It just a matter of setting up a separate texture folder for each cockpit, then changing the reference in the individual aircraft texture.cfg file.
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    Thanks Huub and Warhorse, I will give that a try later on.

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