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Description: This self extracting archives contains two paints for the KBT Lockheed L-188 Cargo Electra. They are for Ansett airlines who operated the Electra from the 1960s until early in the 1908s, first as a passenger aircraft and then later three were converted into Cargo Freighters by Lockheed for Ansett airlines. There were two different paint schemes used. The original was the red tail or Delta Livery as it was referred to and the later was the all white livery with the famous wombat nose logo. The Ansett Electra night freighters were commonly known as the Wombats for their nocturnal habits.

There may be some minor line issues here and there but there was no paint kit for the KBT Electra and the textures were different between the passenger version and the cargo version. One major issue which cannot be fixed is the fact that the Cargo door is at the front left hand side - which is the way KBT modelled them. The Ansett freighters actually had the door at the rear on the left hand side, this cannot be changed alas.

There are also changes to the VC cockpit lighting between the two. One is redder and the other more yellow in tinge.

Anyway as is - enjoy the Wombats.

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