A return to the Dark Side!
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Thread: A return to the Dark Side!

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    A return to the Dark Side!

    Well I really like the graphics and after finally getting the cars (mostly) set up to my satisfaction PC2 is looking good.

    The screenshot menu is a right PITA but it does give one a lot of variation in the end.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    This raises the pucker factor to the upper levels!
    And the 'Turbine' is just plain scary.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Lotus 56.....

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Running round the Le Mans Classic.

    07:00 in Summer.

    17:00 in Summer.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    05:00 on a wet Summer's morning!

    10:00 the same day. Showers easing.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Once more with feeling.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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