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    FSX Gauges


    Is there a way to extract the default fsx gauges directly from the dvd,s ?
    Or do i have to install fsx again ?

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    I think it is possible looking at the cab files with a program like Izarc and extracting what you want.

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    Tried to open a random cab on the disk but it contains a lot of files with no extension .
    So i went for a clean install on a seperate hd to copy them from that location.

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    For the record, you can use 7-Zip to Open the .cab file and extract the .xml files and .bmp files manually.
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    Thx for all the suggestions , guys.
    I installed fsx next to my p3dv4 and copied the gauges over .
    The issue was the fact that i dld a plane from rikooo.
    This one to be exact :
    It only displayed half the gauges so i figured that it used some fsx default gauges.
    The action i took didnt solve the problem though.
    I think some of the gauges are incompatible with 64 bit wich is weird because it says to be v4 caompatible.
    So i deleted the plane

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    I've just downloaded the AN124 and had a look. It does contain 3 incompatible gauges in the panel folder. If you just delete the "737-400.dll", "Mooney_Bravo.dll" and "KingAir.dll" from the panel folder it should then work, unless you've copied the 32bit FSX gauges into your P3d gauges folder overwriting the 64bit versions already there....

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    nop , i didnt overwrite anything .
    I'll give it a go .

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    Just tested it and all works .

    Thx Dave

    p.s. Why would it need a mannifold preasure gauge , lol

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