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    Ultra High Resolution Photo Real Scenery

    I posted this over in the P3Dv4 forum, but this is also a topic for FSX.

    With all of the conversation focusing on the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight in 2020, I thought I would shed some light on what can be done with ultra high resolution photo real scenery and hand annotated autogen in FSX/Prepar3D. If Microsoft Flight will be using Google satellite geo-data, the resolution will be lower than what is shown in this video. While I think that the new offering from MS will be spectacular and great to fly, I know that a higher level of rendering resolution is do-able in FSX/P3D, which are much more flexible platforms and 3rd party friendly.

    The departure is out of KMMH Mammoth Yosemite, one of my WIP scenery projects and explores the back country terrain between Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite, focusing on the San Joaquin river valley and the high country near the Minarets. The video below was originally shot in Prepar3Dv2.5, but illustrates how effectively an ultra realistic environment can be achieved in FSX as well. When we realize that Prepar3Dv5 will most likely offer a new and comprehensive PBR rendering engine, it is noteworthy that height mapping might be available for aircraft and scenery design. Observe the texture of the granite surfaces and boulders in the video and realize that all of that detail will be renderable in full 3D, at high resolution. The custom autogen in this scenery was my own technology that dramatically improved performance in FSX and P3D. Take note of the softness and natural appearance of the trees and brush.

    Also a heads up for the community, I have created a new YouTube account and will be adding video focusing on aircraft and scenery development, techniques and tutorials for those interested.

    Jump to minute 5:55 for the pretty bits and music.

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    Cool "G"... looking forward what's coming down the pipeline in your efforts!

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