New Nimitz Class Carrier
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Thread: New Nimitz Class Carrier

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    New Nimitz Class Carrier

    **DCS is Developing a New Aircraft Carrier with Animated Deck Crew and other Features**


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    That's going to be awesome! Love it!😲

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    Very cool, hopfully they model in wave-offs when someone runs across the landing area!
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    td bank around me


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    Yup, this is going to be pretty neat. I'm really looking forward to the Heatblur Carrier that comes with the F-14B purchase and the F-14A which also comes as part of the purchase. Those images were amazing.

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    ***Super Carrier Update***

    DCS: Supercarrier Update
    Since our last update on this eagerly awaited module, our team has been focused on several core features of simulation of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:

    Creating the most accurate and detailed carrier model ever created for a flight simulation. This is not simply an update to the existing John C. Stennis aircraft carrier that we released last year, but rather a new object that is built from the ground up with accurate dimensions, high-resolution mesh and textures; animations for the elevators, antennas, defense systems, launch officer bubble, risers, catapults, jet blast deflectors, and more. The module will include unique skins for all ships of the Roosevelt sub-class that includes the Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), George Washington (CVN73), John C. Stennis (CVN-74), and the Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Not only will there be the correct names and CVN numbers, but we also plan unique textures and deck weathering for each ship!

    The Supercarrier will include the most accurate simulation of carrier communications you have ever heard in a game. This includes Case I, II, and III operations and unique voice overs for departure, marshal, approach, tower, the landing signal officer (LSO), and even messages over the 5 MC. Many of these parts are voiced by service members that filled the actual roles! We will also include the needed voice over files to support all aircraft types that have flown from a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, including the F-14.

    To make the carrier deck feel alive, deck crew is a must. We are doing this through a combination of static-placed deck crew with animations that mission creators can place and fully pathed and animated deck crew that support launch operations from all four catapults. We are pushing this feature past anything that has been done before.

    In addition to these three core areas, we are also working on / planning:
    • Up to 18 spawning locations on the carrier deck.
    • Flood lights in addition to standard lighting.
    • Long Range Laser Lineup System.
    • Barricade net.
    • Deck equipment like the crane, fire truck, and mules.
    • Detailed Landing Signal Officer (LSO) station with functional panels to control cut lights, wave off lights, manual ball control, and PLAT camera. This can be crewed while in VR.
    • “Burble” effect behind the carrier.
    • Air Boss station that can also be occupied in VR and allow control of the flood lights, barricade, and view the PLAT camera.
    • Immersive, 3D, Ready Room with functions to view briefings, load aircraft, view PLAT camera, vie the “Greenie Board”, view kill board that is tied to online statistics. All of this with a VR option.
    • Combined Arms support for steering the carrier and using weapons.

    At this time, we have no release date or pricing, but they will be available at our very soonest.


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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DCS-Supercarrier-13.jpg   DCS-Supercarrier-11.jpg   DCS-Supercarrier-10.jpg  


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    Wake effects are simply amazing.
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    This is the only Map I Need!!!!


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    What map is it??? Hopefully Iceland or Norway and a greater size than any other map, seeing as it will be mostly water?
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    Hehe.....I was being Sarcastic....If this Carrier is as as good as it looks....I won't need another Map since this is where I'll be spending my


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    Quote Originally Posted by 000rick000 View Post
    Yup, this is going to be pretty neat. I'm really looking forward to the Heatblur Carrier that comes with the F-14B purchase and the F-14A which also comes as part of the purchase. Those images were amazing.
    Rick, just for clarification, I knew the F-14A was a part of the package, heard about the Carrier being part of it as well but have seen no nomenclature indicating this despite looking high and low. Can you point me towards this info?


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    Quote Originally Posted by StormILM View Post
    Rick, just for clarification, I knew the F-14A was a part of the package, heard about the Carrier being part of it as well but have seen no nomenclature indicating this despite looking high and low. Can you point me towards this info?
    Hi Storm,

    I just went looking for this myself. All I could really find was a quick mention of the Forrestal carrier to be included as content for the package, along with campaigns, more training missions, A-6 and F-14A.


    • Campaigns: As noted in our purchase pages, the two free campaigns will be available post launch.
    • Training Missions: We will expand the amount of training missions during the course of EA.
    • A-6, Forrestal, F-14A: We will detail our plans regarding these ASAP. The Forrestal will be priority #1.

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    It was only on their fakebook page a while back. Truth be told, ever since HeatBlur merged with a RL military contractor to become Meta-Simulations, I've personally not been sure that they will actually honor the carrier or the A-6 AI that was promised as part of the package. I've heard rumors that ED and HB have had some "issues". what those could be is purely speculation. But the fact that HB announced that they merged on the day of release of the Tomcat is not very good news. I know that "Cobra" over on the ED forums (the owner of HB) released a statement, but it was full of ambiguity and business buzz words. Nothing like his previous posts which were 100% transparent and very community involved. There hasn't been a single lick of progress reporting on anything other than F-14B bug fixes and the occasional F-14A is coming. My guess is that they are now on another timeline and will simply fulfill their legal obligation to ED and their customer base and then they're out. I'm not keen on that being true. That is my own speculation, but it's also MANY others as well in the various Discords and Forums I'm a part of. I really hope that Meta-simulations will come through and continue to produce modules. They set the benchmark with the Tomcat. IMHO it's not just a module. It's THE module. Period. That group did EVERYTHING that ED has been promising for the Hornet and MORE and continued to update their Viggen all the while. TWS. Check, Targeting Pod. Check. AI RIO. Check. Etc. Etc. The list is lengthy. And all that was available at release! I would personally love to see them do a simpler aircraft like the F-100D or a complex aircraft like the F-4E or F-4J.
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    ***Small Update from Today's Weekend News***

    Another item in development is the DCS: Supercarrier module. We recently completed the external model, and we plan to make CVN-71 & CVN-74 versions available at early access launch. The team is now focused on implementing the high-poly Landing Signal Officer (LSO) and Air Boss stations. Here is a list of the planned Early Access features, but this list is subject to change.

    Early Access Features
    1. New Nimitz-class aircraft carrier model:
      • Highly detailed polygon model.
      • High-resolution textures that include realistic weathering and markings
      • Animated arresting wires and blast shields
      • Animated radar antennas
      • Animated aircraft elevators
      • Catapult bubble between catapults 1 and 2
      • Steam from catapults
      • Risers (guard rails) around aircraft elevators when lowered
      • Long-range line-up lights
      • IFLOLS
      • Animated “rabbit lights” along landing area centerline
      • Deck lighting
      • Functional air defence weapon systems:
        • Sea Sparrow
        • CWIS
        • Sea RAM

      • Option for Nimitz-class aircraft carriers of the Roosevelt sub-class:
        • CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt
        • CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
        • CVN-73 George Washington

    2. Deck parking allowing up to 14 aircraft to be spawned on deck. We will review the possibility of increasing this number to 18 in the coming months.
    3. Carrier radio communications for Case I, Case II, and Case III.
    4. Static deck vehicles (AS32A-31A Flight Deck Tractor, AS32A-32A Hangar Deck Tractor, AS32A-36 Aircraft crash and salvage crane, P-25 Fire Fighting Vehicle) that can be placed by mission designers.
    5. Static deck crew that can be placed by mission designers.
    6. Animated deck crew for bow and waist catapults launches.


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    ***Some New Pictures have Popped Up***


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    I can almost hear the call for the morning FOD walkdown!

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    Needs to have a "scratch and sniff" option!
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    ***New Pic via FB ***
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 74694866_2819502544760504_6232110705999347712_n.jpg  


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