FSX Load Time Boost?
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Thread: FSX Load Time Boost?

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    FSX Load Time Boost?

    Normally there are plenty of threads on here saying, "Why has my FSX performance gone down suddenly?" My question is the reverse.

    All of a sudden the load time I've been experiencing seems to have dropped substantially. I'm pretty sure it was up at about 5 to 6 minutes and now it seems to have suddenly dropped to around 2 minutes from the flight selection screen to sitting in the cockpit. (This is with the Avro Tutor and ORB-X EGPA Popham which is my "home" GA airport.

    I'm loading from a 223G SSD which just has FS stuff on it. It's now just over half full - 119G occupied. Windows is on a separate SSD.

    I'm wary of "snake-oil" solutions but I did just delete a load of stuff from the SSD - it was around 75% full - so would that have caused the speed up? If so, it could be a hint to any of you out there that have bad load times.

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    Solid state drives begin to show performance loss when they are more than 75% full, so your deletion of files may be what lead to faster load times.
    My computer:Win XP 32 Home SP3, Q9650 @ 3.6 GHz, 4GB DDR2-800 RAM @ 800 MHz, EVGA Nvidia 560Ti-SOC-1GB

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    Quote Originally Posted by stansdds View Post
    Solid state drives begin to show performance loss when they are more than 75% full....
    Good to know. That must have been it!

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