Converting Scenery Models to Flyable
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Thread: Converting Scenery Models to Flyable

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    Converting Scenery Models to Flyable


    Does anyone know if one can convert a static/scenery object (boat, plane, vehicle) to a flyable/drivable version for the game?

    Has anyone tried this successfully? If so, what is needed to accomplish this?

    Thank you


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    For everything to be usable, you'll need a working PlaneMaker model that can be used by the flight dynamics and systems simulation. The actual 3D model is not much more than visual decoration anyway.

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    Thank you.

    So if I read your post correctly, the answer is "not possible" without the original model files?


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    It is possible (although I do not know how well XP handles cars and boats), but you need a model for the aerodynamics and maybe a 2D panel, both of which you can create yourself in PlaneMaker. The visual model you're generally see in the sim is just a model attached to the aerodynamic model anyway.

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