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Description: Paint for Nigel's Avro Tutor.

The Kai Tak Avro: Found a picture in the RAes image library of a Tutor taken at Kai Tak, Hong Kong in 1934.

The actual picture is a 626 model; but we don't have one of these (yet). It's devoid of a registration and any distinguishing marks, and appears to be painted in the 'house colours' of Far East Aviation / Far East Flying and Technical School.

The instructors of the Far East Flying and Technical School were the main personnel of the Air Unit of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corp, so it's not a huge leap to assume that this aeroplane was the single Tutor that was on unit strength (on permanent loan from RAF) when Japan invaded Hong Kong. Records indicate it did not survive 8th December 1941, being destroyed on ground at Kai Tak.

As I have been unable to find any details of distinguishing marks, military or civil, applied to this machine; there are a few alternate tail bitmaps for you to choose if you so wish.

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