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    DX 11 Volumetric Clouds Demo

    So... This is absolutely work in progress full of glitches, incomplete and unoptimized, but I want to share it.


    (about 8MB, unusually big because it includes volumetric cloud "texture")

    Unzip to CFS3 folder, run cfs3config, don't forget to set the display resolution. And maybe it will work.
    Requires at least Win7 SP1 with Platform Update, but should work better on Windows 10. And absolutely needs a powerful GPU.

    Cloud placement is based on CFS3 weather system so you can try different weathers. However it seems after a few mission restarts the code may glitch and not render all clouds, and you will need to restart the game. The drawback of CFS3 clouds and consequently my ones is that they don't move. Not sure if I can do anything about it.

    Anyway I'm not asking to look for bugs, there are too many of them, but I'm still curious to see your opinions
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