Me Uncle Sam!

Hi there!

We being of flight 19 prepared and finally got clearance to depart Mendi, and blast off to Gonder. Now if you have told me, before we ended up in Ethiopia, that they had a lot of rain I would told you you were smoking the wrong cigarettes. On our flight to Mendi we had some rain, no biggie, but going to Gonder It rained like heck, and ground control told before landing that very heavy rains were over the Airport. Quoting flight 19 famous words, "what the heck lets do it." Things on this junket actually been fair compared to some of our flight, but here at Gonder the wind flew in the wrong direction! Word came through that we needed to set-up new flight plans for some major changes that have occurred. Here we go again, we more than likely are being ordered to fly some special cargo to someone who doesn't want to be known. So boys, get your weapons ready may end up in a small war. Hehe, just guessing on changes.

Met a few Yankees here and we decided to have a little party to celebrate the USA 4th of July, So don't wake me early, I may have a bad hangover and wake up in a bad mood! hehe