Latest Update Wiped My Controller Settings
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Thread: Latest Update Wiped My Controller Settings

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    Latest Update Wiped My Controller Settings

    It seems the latest update wiped my controller settings back to default. It's BS like this that I truly hate about being involved in Flight Sim use of any kind. We're talking literally hours worth of work to reset everything back to where I had it and none of my backups of the settings seem to work. Seriously, the heads over at DCS need to get their act together!!! I'm so pissed right now at the prospect of having to remind everything that I am seriously considering wiping off all flightsims off my HD's and never looking back. Can't anyone NOT screw up something that works perfectly fine?!


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    FYI to everyone, looked in the ED forums & didn't find anything current but saw some from last year who had this issue. One thing in common, not every key binding was lost, some like the Flight Control Trim bindings were still intact and some others but everything else was moved back to default for no rhyme or reason and the backups were worthless. It seems that the controller names on each of the individual bindings was changed and some of the mapping grids (where the settings were located) in the sim were changed as well. Last time I dealt with this was when my old PC got zapped by lightning last August and I bought a new PC which the new DCS install, the backed up controller bindings were also of no use. I found a solution by renaming the old ones to the new alpha-numeric sequence and copying them over but in this case, I couldn't get it to work. Sorry for blowing off steam here, but it is very frustrating when stuff like this happens and you the end user has to perform hours on hours of work to get things back to where they were. Just hope no one else got zapped on this. Still, I wish ED would be more careful to make sure this type of thing didn't happen.


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    I have always had issues with DCS controller settings. Quite often with new aircraft and existing aircraft I find that the controls are replicated across 3 controllers, joystick, throttle and rudder, and this totally messes up the controls which then have to be manually corrected again. Like you Storm, my backups don't always seem to resolve this.
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    Bummer Storm,Really Sorry to see this.....Yea,The DCS updates can be a real pain in the butt,I remember one a few yrs back that basically rendered VR useless for a week or two

    Anyway,When you get things back as you want them,I believe there's a file in your "Saved Games" folder that you can copy/paste/save so if this does happen again you could just replace that file.


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