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Description: Fliegerhorst Conches Luftwaffe WWII

This Scenary shows the German airfield Conches, home of I./JG2 und III./SG4 in spring 1944. It is the ninth part of an upcoming series of airfields of the German Air Force in France during World War II. From here, the German Air Force operated from Nov 1943 with various units till mid 1944.

Their were three airports in use at this place. First it was Fliegerhorst Conches as main airbase. Two other ones were in use to avoid us-airstrikes. Feldflugplatz Conches I and Feldflugplatz Conches II. (both with grass-strips)

This AddOn requires the Senario FRANCEVFR - BASSE NORMANDIE for correct representation. Only in this way can all details of the airports be identified and used. A use in pure FSX is possible, but shows graphically significant gaps.

Special thanks: My special thank goes to Ian (IanP in SOH-Forum). He gave his permission to use his very nice libraries with many models useable for the Luftwaffe.

Without his fantastic libraries this scenery would not be seen today. It would probably never have gone beyond the hard drive of my computer.

I used many other freeware models in this scenery. Some are ai-models and also there are normal plane i converted to use as ai-traffic.

Many other designer are involved with their very fine models (sometimes i even don`t know their names) .... but surely all models i use are freeware. So please don`t use all the elements of this scenery in other way as freeware without the permission of this designers.

I hope you will enjoy this little scenery.

Klaus Nowak (aka klnowak in Sim Outhouse)
May 2019

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