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Description: Paint for Nigel's Avro Tutor.

G-ABZP (build number 624) was used by Doncaster Aero Club ; and Cobham's Displays (aka Cobham's Flying Circus), before going to Portsmouth Southsea and IoW Aviation Ltd in 1939.

The colours are conjecture based upon B & W photo's of the time. However doing a bit of research into Cobham's Displays; where he was presenting 'aviation' to a non-knowledgeable audience ; it would seem that the colours he insisted on weredistinctive so that the commentator could announce for example that the "pilot in the red and white aeroplane which is a De Havilland Tiger Moth" or "the bright red aeroplane is an Avro 504."

So in that theme, gentlemen and ladies I present the green and white aeroplane, the Avro Tutor.

The web (Flight magazine for the period 1935) tells us that Flt Lt Geoffrey Tyson flew G-ABZP at the Cobhams Display at Redhill in 1935, being pictured flying inverted along the crowd line, his signature move at the end of his display. (Here --> https://images.app.goo.gl/eNX5p4aMdCuRvY8G7 )

Geoff Tyson later went on to become a test pilot for Cobham's Flight Refuelling company , Avro, Shorts; and later Chief test pilot for Saunders-Roe before retirement in 1958.

FS9 as I don't run FSX sorry. Feel free to convert for your own use.

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