Thank-You Orbx & AT Simulations (and YoYo and Alex Metzger)!
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Thread: Thank-You Orbx & AT Simulations (and YoYo and Alex Metzger)!

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    Thank-You Orbx & AT Simulations (and YoYo and Alex Metzger)!

    Maslow was smiling this afternoon- I was flighting my beloved Annuschka over Orbx's newest FREEWARE release- Campbell River (CAE3). The Wx was "good weather" for the PNW, and I was able to see what Orbx hath wrought. As usual, any time whatsoever in my beautiful Ugly Duckling put a smile on my face, and seeing what Orbx gave us "gratis", did nothing but increase my gratitude.

    Here are a few peeks from today's meanderings...

    Did I mention I'd fly a brick $#!&house if Alex Metzger wrote the FDE for it?

    Did I mention, I'm smitten with SP-AMN?

    Can't recollect if I've mentioned Old Reliable....


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    ... and a few more piccies I snapped whilst marveling...

    Run to FTX Central and get this one- SPLENDID (as usual)- Thanks Orbx!

    Best- C

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    Hi Cooper,I can't find it listed in FTXCentral. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled FTXCentral (got v Still no listing for CAE3! I give up - what am I doing wrong?Bill

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    Bill, go to the main site, It's listed in the "download" menu, across the top.

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    Don H

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wings of Gold View Post
    Hi Cooper,I can't find it listed in FTXCentral. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled FTXCentral (got v Still no listing for CAE3! I give up - what am I doing wrong?Bill

    ADD it to your account like any other purchase. Then itís available in FTX Central.

    HTH- Carl

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    Got it

    Thanks for the help guys! Most appreciated. You are correct - it's a great addition.Billps: where is the ORBX support site located? I HAVE looked!

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    Just go here and navigate to the US entries.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Reading another thread about the journey from LOWW to LOWI, I poked around Little NavMap and found LIOJ close by... perfect for a short hop. SP-AMN was waiting, and so we were off...

    It will be a quick hop today, but oh so lovely... Tyrol in my Anuschka... WUNDERBAR!


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    ... and for those of us who believe RTT is just an NDB on an's SO MUCH MORE- HERE!

    For a valley so far away from Florida, it's amazing how familiar it is to me... one day I shall fly it for real... and know EXACTLY where I am


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    For those here who fly the LOC DME East and West and perform the break at Absam, head to the Church, follow the wires to the hill and turn right... here's a closer look at your track. There was a gap between the Austrian and Ez arrivals, and so ATC was a bit forgiving.. enjoy the dirt you mostly never see

    The Olympic Village-

    The Church you normally head for, after the Absam break-

    The WIRES you normally fly to the LEFT of... on the plateau with Hausfraus hanging out the wash-

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    ... and then INSIDE the standard turn, to emphasize the need to maintain safe altitude in a 738, 320, Fokker etc...

    ..and home for a Schnapps... Prosit!

    Zher gut!


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    Bardzo mnie uszczęśliwiłeś - dziękuję, przyjacielu!


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