Looking for p51 by Alain L'Homme
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Thread: Looking for p51 by Alain L'Homme

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    Looking for p51 by Alain L'Homme

    I am looking for the P51 aircraft by Alain L'Homme. a great aircraft for cfs and wonderful to fly. Thanks

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    Hello Marty,

    I believe I have a working version of what you are looking for.
    It is a bit big for an attachment here, so send your email address via PM.
    I have no connection or other involvement with this aeroplane so I do not feel comfortable with uploading.

    - Ivan.

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    There is one at Simviation. Make sure you are using the DP made for CFS1 (rename "P51.dpCFS1" into "P51.dp").


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    ...or, there are these two packages;
    and more on the next page.
    sometimes the magic works.
    sometimes it doesn't.

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    Thanks Roxane-21, Smilo,
    The versions you gave a link to were versions I didn't have yet.
    It seems like there were quite a few releases done by different folks all based on Alain L'Homme's P-51D model but with different paint and different flight models.
    The one I sent was done by Steve Gandy of Urban Drew's "Detroit Miss".

    - Ivan.

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