Spitfire vc cockpit texture mod version2
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Thread: Spitfire vc cockpit texture mod version2

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    Spitfire vc cockpit texture mod version2

    This mod is a further clean up of the spitfire vc 2d panel texture and it includes modded spit textures from the extras folder,Dundas,Cawley ect.The 2d gauges have been more effectively hidden behind the animated gauges.
    GET IT HERE:https://www.mediafire.com/file/yp67j..._MODv2.7z/file

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    Thanks... rince33.Looks like an interesting mod . Cheers mav

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    This is the original texture:

    I find this texture to be highly distracting and an immersion killer.
    Unfortunately this particular model does not have a dedicated virtual cockpit high res texture, it uses the external model's cockpit texture which is tiny and of extreme low resolution. It does not matter what texture you use it will look like crap.

    Most of the work that I have done here is to hide the 2d gauges behind the animated gauges so that they do not appear in the virtual cockpit but do appear in the external model.A black background with a subtle indication of a cockpit panel works better than the the above image IMHO. My first version which can be found here :http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...-Britain/page5 "post150".
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    I'm using these aircraft now in the Battle of France, so I'll check them out and see how they work. Thanks!

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