AT Simulations (and former SibWings) An-2 for P3D v4.5
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Thread: AT Simulations (and former SibWings) An-2 for P3D v4.5

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    AT Simulations (and former SibWings) An-2 for P3D v4.5

    I've asked for a sticky in the FSX forum, but this is too important not to sticky here as well.

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

    FINALLY- my beautiful SP-AMN flies again!

    THANK-YOU Alex & YoYo!!!

    Best- C

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavaricooper View Post

    I've asked for a sticky in the FSX forum, but this is too important not to sticky here as well.

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
    Actually i have, Carl.... hehe

    Stickied it per your request. I might get it although i have the Aerosoft iteration. Did love the Sibwings FSX edition very much !

    ( we have one here at Lelystad, they let the childern play in it... Guess they need it to be completely scrapped.. ;-)


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    A few RW videos from the cockpit:

    Nice start-up/take-off from Ameland (one of the dutch islands) :

    Unloading para's and 'aerobatics' at Estonian Air Days 2017, Lennupäevad.


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    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    @YoYo- I have to agree SP-KAA is a great addition to the fleet- you have outdone yourself once more! The attention to detail, grime, dirt, oil streaks etc. all serve up the archetypal Russian workhorse. Long in the tooth, but still a very, very capable platform to explore the (Orbx) world.

    As far as "flight feel"- I am thrilled with Alex Metzger's work. It is the Russian Cart Horse, SOLID beyond belief- the sort of aeroplane that lets one think that departing Vladivostok in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, with sleet and gale force winds galore, is a manageable risk. The sort of aeroplane that works in conditions so severe it's batteries come on a slide out tray, to take into the Yurt with you at night. The sort of aeroplane that can take you anywhere, AND BRING YOU BACK!

    I am a happy camper with this release! First the Avro, and now THIS- 2019 is shaping up quite nicely!

    Ta- C

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    Just look at this approach, and it will tell you all about the confidence this aeroplane inspires. From steep and slow, with a furious descent rate, to arresting everything with a burst of throttle to settle nicely on the pavement- this Babuschka is sure to put a smile on your face. She's the most beautiful ugly duckling in the sky!

    Pure bliss. I shall venture off, wandering once more- she demands it!

    Best- C

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    In response to another member's (@Alan_A) query- I finally had time to apply the latest Aerosoft update to their (Octopus G) An-2...

    and as you can see, I had some more fun at Homer!


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    9 months ago I was lamenting the loss of my beloved Anuschka in P3D v4. I could not have imagined that a few months later I WOULD HAVE A CHOICE OF TWO. They BOTH have Alexander Metzger's superb FDEs and they both fly exceptionally well. That said, each has a few peculiarities and nuances that endear themselves to the pilot. I will be spending many happy hours exploring the (Orbx) world in both. It is only after that, I would be willing to expound on the virtues of one over the other. I can say- you won't be wasting your money with either (or both). Just the FDE alone is worth 10 times the price of admission.

    I was fortunate I came to interact with Alex during the PMDG P3D DC-6 Beta. I however, "knew him" prior to that- through flying his incredible work on the Jahn C-47 and the Sibwings An-2. When I saw him surface on our internal mail server I was dizzy with excitement. It was like being able to question the Oracle at Delphi- amazing!

    Spending time in either of these BEAUTIFUL Ugly Ducklings will confirm my enthusiasm. I know I can sometimes sound like a star struck teen, but remind yourselves, it is only when I am truly awed- and that doesn't happen very often. Many a payware release gets flown once or twice and then forgotten. I shall treasure BOTH my Babuschkas!

    Get one OR BETTER YET get BOTH. Your flight simulation will never be the same.

    Das Vadania Tovarich!


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    Thanks much, Carl - exactly the kind of side-by-side I was hoping for.

    Just looking at screenshots, I get the sense that with the Aerosoft, you gain some VC resolution at the expense of some atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, I'm one of the people that found the Aerosoft soundset a bit anemic.

    But... to your point... I already own the Aerosoft, and the AT Simulations/Sibwings is a pretty painless purchase, so...

    ...looks like I'll be joining you and trying both. I'm a bit behind on everything - just picked up the Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140, which is exactly the kind of therapy I needed, and I'm a new hire at DC-3 Airways, but there are definitely Anushkas close in on my horizon...
    "Ah, Paula, they are firing at me..."

    -- Saint-Exupery

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    So great to have this wonderful old version updated for P3Dv4.5 - many thanks, ATS!

    There's my one and only repaint for it!

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