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Description: This repaint is for A-Pilot's J3 Cub for X-Plane ver 11 found at X-plane.org.

I used Christopher G. Clawson's "Rosie the Rocketer" repaint for J.E. Narcizo's MSFS PA18_V3.zip as the basis for this repaint.

It represents the Piper L-4 Grasshopper "Rosie the Rocketer", piloted by Maj. Charles "Bazooka Charlie" Carpenter, whose six bazooka rocket launchers were credited with eliminating six enemy tanks and several armored cars during WWII.

The actual plane made it through WWII, has passed through several people's hands and was recently purchased by the Collings Foundation and is being restored to flying condition. Given that there are several versions paint for the plane, from WWII to today, I've included the paint shop pro files I used to create the repaint. If you want you can turn off the black background of the D-Day stripes to match some of the more modern versions of the plane. I also included stencils on the plane which are not in some of the closeups of the plane in the WWII era, but are on it now.
Note that the modern pictures of the plane are from a different plane based on Florida. I'm not sure where he got his ideas for the paintjob, but they don't match the original (If that matters still looks nice). At some point I will update the 53-K markings and stripes to more closely match the original. But please note this is a J-3 and not an L-4 (which has a different style of canopy).

If anybody out there knows how to either add the six Bazooka tubes to the wing supports, or can modify the canopy to match that of an L-4, I'd really appreciate it.

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