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    New FSX Steam installation

    I confess to not having simmed for over five years - a hard disk crash had all my sim files on it.

    Now I have installed a brand new SSD, and having mislaid my original FSX disk, purchased FSX Steam from Amazon. The intention is to load all my sim files on that drive

    Installed, and runs fine - only it keeps asking me for missing files - when going into Scenery library, I find all my old scenery add-ons !

    There are no corresponding scenery files anywhere on my PC, and naturally they don't work, so WHERE have these entries come from, please ? Are they lurking in the registry somewhere ?

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    Well, my Scenery.cfg file, as well as the previously used Scenery_OLD.cfg file, are located in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX . Don't forget that these files and folders may well be "hidden", and thus you may not be able to see them without changing the folder settings to Show Hidden Files and Folders.

    Alternatively, you can tell FSX:SE to verify that all the correct files and folders it uses are installed. It's under the little menu choices available when you load up the Steam interface used to start the sim. Upper left corner of the Steam Interface window.

    I wish you all the best of luck!
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