FR Buchon and Bf-109G6 released
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Thread: FR Buchon and Bf-109G6 released

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    FR Buchon and Bf-109G6 released

    The Hispano Buchon and the Messerschmitt Bf-109G6 have been released.

    While these are two separate packages, please note that for a limited time (until May 10) if you purchase one, you'll get the other for 50% off. Just make sure you look at your order page carefully!

    Hope you like them.


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    Where is my wallet! Thanks for the release Mike!

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    SOH-CM-2019 Cees Donker's Avatar
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    I bought the two of them! Yahoo!


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    Super job, Mike. Thanks much.
    -- WH

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try,try again. ... or go read the manual.

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    Got both, Mike. Thank you!

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    get both of them. Very nice job


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    A Spanish Messer, pretty in blue - "Checa", based at Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

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    A few more screenshots:

    The old G-AWHE

    The old scheme of G-AWHK (aka G-BWUE)

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    Just took the Buchon for a spin. Flying the 109K paid off. Great work Mike! Now off to fly the Gustav!


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    Both ordered an downloaded, flying soon!!

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    Just a note to say that a few people who order both the Buchon and Bf-109G6, with the discount, aren't receiving one of the emails containing the aircraft download link (you should receive a receipt email, and then a separate email for each aircraft). I've no idea why, but I suspect antivirus or something similar is getting in the way. Most people are receiving both without a problem.

    If you're one of the ones who don't get that second download email, just let me know at I'll sort it out. You will receive your aircraft.


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    Thanks so much! Both look superb and have just bought them and briefly flown the buchon. Stunning model and flight dynamics- finally brought a very missed aircraft to FSX!

    Mine seems to have an odd habit however of being unable to steer and respond to differential braking whilst taxiing on the ground (only after landing). It's as though the tailwheel lock is still engaged, which it is not...
    Great machine though, and looking forward to trying the 109G!

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    Strange, appears to be steering fine now.
    Must have been something I did!

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    That's one of the main reasons I wanted a fly it with other 'modern' warbirds

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    After reading your post, Avi8tor4321, I did some testing with regard to the tailwheel phenomena, where it won't "unlock" after landing. I've found that this will only happen if crashes/damage is turned on, therefore the tailwheel must be "breaking" when landing, causing it to not unlock. Looking at the contact points, the stress/damage factor might be a bit too low for the landing gear points. To adjust this, go into the Aircraft.cfg files and modify the fourth number in the first three lines of the contact points to look like this below (these stress/damage/fpm numbers have been increased to the typical amount for aircraft of the type):

    point.0 = 1, -16.0, 0.0, -1.26, 3000, 0, 0.9, 180, 0.12, 8.0, 0.6, 5.0, 4.0, 0, 0, 145
    point.1 = 1, 2.6, -3.5, -5.74, 6000, 1, 1.1, 0, 0.25, 2.0, 0.5, 6.5, 5.5, 2, 0, 200
    point.2 = 1, 2.6, 3.5, -5.74, 6000, 2, 1.1, 0, 0.25, 2.0, 0.5, 9.0, 8.5, 3, 0, 200

    Also, although completely unnecessary, I enjoy it so much that I cannot let it go unmentioned - I use Gary Jones' "Twin Rolls-Royce" soundset with the Buchons, and it goes together with those models absolutely wonderfully, just as a single-engine soundset (the only modification I make is to remove the flap sound file) - it can be found at Avsim with the file name To me it sounds perfect with the Buchons, and very immersive at all power levels.

    ~ Buchon "Red 1", original s/n C.4K-102, was registered as G-BWUE from 2006 to 2014, but has since changed to G-AWHK, as it was also originally registered during the making of the movie "Battle of Britain", in which it was painted as "Yellow 10" and "Red 7". The aircraft was featured in the recent movie "Dunkirk", painted as "Black 2". The Flight Replicas depiction of the aircraft portrays it as it was when operated between 2006 and 2010, then owned by, in order, The Real Aeroplane Co., Spitfire Ltd., and Historic Flying Ltd., painted as a Bf-109G-2/trop of JG.27 flown by Hauptmann Werner Schroer, when based at Rhodes in early 1943. ~

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    John, thanks for the input regarding the contactpoints. I took another soundfile from Gary: the After all that's a Merlin too! Thanks for the information regarding that particular paint, which is something I miss in this package.
    Never mind that: I've been flying nothing else since it's out, that must give an idea how I love this package!


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    Repeat Please !!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019-4-29_17-56-42-847_DxO.jpg  

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    I share your same sentiment, Cees - since flying these aircraft I have hardly flown anything else either, and everything else seems quite 'easy' by comparison after having been flying it for a few weeks straight. Modern pilots who have flown the type always comment that the Buchon and 109 are the most challenging but rewarding aircraft they have ever flown, and it is the challenge that keeps bringing them back, wanting to fly it more. Flying Mike's Buchon and 109G-6, the toughest challenge for me was mastering the landing approach, and it was reassuring to read pilot reports which stress using a rather high rate of descent and curving approach, which I find really works well in order to keep a good visual of the runway up until rounding out and flaring - start too low, and you'll have to carry too much airspeed through the approach. If you're touching down at more than 180-Km/h (90-kts), you're landing it too fast, and the only acceptable way to land a 109/Buchon is a three-pointer, which at least it does very well (unlike many other tail-draggers, where a pilot should be proficient at both wheel landings and three-pointers, the 109/Buchon is not an aircraft to make wheel landings with).

    According to all of the Bf-109G and Buchon pilot reports I've read, this is rather the consensus on key settings and airspeeds to be mindful of:

    - Tailwheel always locked on takeoff and landing
    - Elevator trim to +1 nose-down prior to take-off
    - Flaps to 20-deg for take-off
    - Radiator flaps open for take-off
    - Max takeoff power in the Bf-109G: 1.15 or 1.2 ATA (though that much is not needed)
    - Max takeoff power in the Buchon: +.35 Kg/cm²
    - 185-Km/h (100-kts) "rotate speed" on take-off (key, due to the high wing loading - get airborne earlier than that and it can easily drop a wing)
    - Flaps up as the airspeed climbs through 240-Km/h (130-kts)
    - Radiator flaps open or in automatic during climb
    - Climb power in the Bf-109G: 1.05 or 1.1 ATA
    - Climb power in the Buchon: +.15 Kg/cm²
    - Radiator flaps in automatic or shut during cruise
    - Cruise power in the Bf-109G: .95, 1.0, or 1.05 ATA
    - Cruise power in the Buchon: -.8 to 0 Kg/cm²
    - Gear speed 300-Km/h (160-kts)
    - Radiator flaps open for landing
    - Approach speed below 240-Km/h (130-kts) down to 200-Km/h (108-kts) last quarter of the curved approach
    - Flaps full down by halfway around curved approach
    - Threshold airspeed 180-km/h (90-kts)

    Matching with what I've seen in real-world current operations, I just use 1.1 ATA/2350 RPM max on the take-off run in the Bf-109G, and might push it up to 1.15 ATA/2400 RPM only after the wheels are off the ground. Once the gear is up and flaps are up I reduce the power back to 1.05 ATA/2300 RPM for climb. For climb I might just keep the radiator flaps in the full open position, or switch it to automatic and leave it there until setting up for landing, when they must be put full open again. For cruise, I usually use .95 ATA/2100 RPM or 1.0 ATA/2200 RPM (though, according to current 109G pilot Volker Bau, even 1.05 ATA is used for a fast cruise). On the landing approach, in both the 109G and Buchon, don't be surprised if you have to have the power way off/throttle way back in order to keep the airspeed down, as it is the same case in the real aircraft. 200-Km/h is my target airspeed to bleed down to in the last quarter of the curved approach/final, and 180-Km/h is the last airspeed I look for as the power is off and I'm flaring over the threshold, holding it off until it settles in.

    Some fun real-world viewing inside the cockpit of Bf-109G-4 "Red 7" (which is the same airframe, rebuilt (several times over), as that of the Battle of Britain movie Buchon "Yellow 11", as included in the Flight Replicas product).

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    Bought the Buchon, but the download link gave me the installer for the BF109G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamieC View Post
    Bought the Buchon, but the download link gave me the installer for the BF109G.
    Hi Jamie. Get in touch with me via and that'll be taken care of.

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    I want to purchase both the Buchon and the BF109G, taking advantage of the offer made, however I have a BF109G from Flight replicas, purchased a while ago now. How much different is this BF109G model, enough to make a new purchase?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_cyul View Post
    Hi Jamie. Get in touch with me via and that'll be taken care of.
    I did send an email yesterday but maybe you didn't get it....will send again


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