New Yak-18T for XP11.32
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Thread: New Yak-18T for XP11.32

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    New Yak-18T for XP11.32

    A beautiful plane, as seen in the videos at the XP link page.
    Integrated Librain, 4K textures, FMOD

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    ::LOL:: You beat me too it

    What a wonderful little treat this thing is. This plane was a work of love and it shows, everywhere. Textures are damned good, The flight model is excellent, 3D work is beautiful and well detailed, visibility is some of the best i've seen ( and I've seen a lot ), and ground handling is better than most. Drawbacks?? Well, theres no autopilot that i noticed, but i was too busy having a blast to notice. Grass strip, gravel, corn field, it doesnt matter. The planes tall stance makes it perfect for rough field or hard pack.. It's typical russian philosophy at its finest.. My recommendation?? Run, dont walk to download this thing now. It's free but better than most payware in all ways.

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    Thanks for the heads-up, bp. These guys have form, doing classy add ons for FSX over many years. Great to see them contributing to XP. Ill be grabbing this beauty - and a couple of the Hungarian airports uploaded by Zlin142 too!

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    Took her for an early morning spin. Truly talented developers. They really share some outstanding work with this.

    Fun and easy to fly though a bit more challenging on throttle - RPM settings than your default cesna.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Yak-18_2.jpg   Yak-18_1.jpg   Yak-18_3.jpg  
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    Nice little aircraft. Almost payware quality and well worth the download. The author(s) did a great job.

    never heard one before but the engine sounds seem authentic.

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    A couple of nice liveries for this plane from SOH member Christoph_T

    Also, v 1.10 includes a second .acf file for the 3 blade spinner version, and a blank livery for the creatives :- )
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    Thank you guys for the nice comments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlin View Post
    Thank you guys for the nice comments!
    Hi Zlin,
    Great to see you here at SOH, and great work on the Yak 18T!

    I am working on a livery myself, and really enjoying the plane :- )
    The Yak 18T is a wonderfully high-quality model-- a lovely flyer and a great platform for liveries, factual and otherwise. Looking at the years of paintobs the plane actually wore, there's a lot of painting to do...

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