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    ...just a quick inquisitive question here. I have d/led your Regions and your GSW East & West. I install these type files in their own folder external of the theaters (CBI, ETO,Korea,PTO) but within the CFS2 main folder. Now here is my question. If I was to just retain your folders of "East" and "West" does East cover the ETO and the West cover the PTO, KTO, CBI. or vice versa? I realize you may want them all in one but just curious here if I do it like this. Easier, I believe, to change any problem that might raise its head in the future.

    BTW: LOVE your work and appreciate the time and effort that you have expended in ALL your work to improve this sim world. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fibber View Post
    If I was to just retain your folders of "East" and "West" does East cover the ETO and the West cover the PTO, KTO, CBI. or vice versa? I realize you may want them all in one but just curious here if I do it like this. Easier, I believe, to change any problem that might raise its head in the future.
    East is east of 0.0 longitude. West is west of 0.0 longitude. Europe is in both east and west. Some of the pacific is in both east and west.

    If you put them all in one folder, the sim sorts it out,as it should. If that interferes with an ETO or PTO install, don't use it (or change elements of the ETO or PTO to use it). You can deactivate the new elements quickly in the scenery library, or by using an alternate scenery.cfg file.

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    .thanks for the clarification. Sometimes I have a propensity for looking beyond Captain Obvious and become Captain Oblivious. Thanks again, and its off to one folder they go!

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    Rhumba....... said you didn't know what the 1938 Aral Sea looked like. I found a 1853 map from the Royal Geo, Soc. would that help? It is here...

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    I reviewed the Regions which contain all the landclass files from CFS2 split into LOD5 areas. By applying regional textures (renamed as ???b2su?.bmp) derived from Flight Simulator World to each region texture set, I should have gotten a seamless display of CFS2 with regions. It works.

    So coming up with better textures, we can get a pretty good summer representation of the world. We can change the landclass files as needed for specific LOD5 areas and place them in the correct region to alter the landclasses if needed.

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    Weird problem here.......

    ......I have the SdC texs and etc installed on this rig for the ETO. I just put in Rhumbs water and coastlines and ran into something interesting.
    First: I tried to remove the Sdc texs et al and the game says "can't be removed"! Now these are in external of the theater folders but within the CFS2 main folder and are installed through the library.
    Second: So installed the Rhumb texs with the SdC installed. Regions "A,K,L,M,N,O" also installed.
    Third: went for a Free Flight joyride around England amd in the area of N55*25.26 W4*51.92 I think I found Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle all in one.
    I get some land texs and also some black squares of nothing. However shots into them show water splashes.
    Fourth: tried jockeying around the position of the add-ons with neg results always the same.

    Not sure but does Rhumbas have to have a virgin install to work? Can they be done with a external and added by the libraby.
    How do I get the SdC out, to put Rhumbas in, when SdC, like a squatter (J/K!), refuses to vacate the premises!
    BTW no problems in ANY of the other theaters just near those co-ords.

    Any guidance\thoughts on this?
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    Addendum to problem post........

    ..........after thorough review and a self-inflicted a@@ chewing I found the problem to be some missing\conflicting water texs in the World\tex. and Texture files. Reinstalled water texs in both and the problem has disappeared. Atlantis is now lost again to the ages and the black hole of the North Sea has closed!
    Still have some double beaches but it is livable. Pretend they are sandbars

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    You shouldn't need to remove anything. Just deactivate them in the Library.

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    ........Thanks for the reply. I have these in a external file and when I want I add\remove them through the scenery library. That is why I stated the game won't let me remove them.

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    I cannot get 002-004-005 to unzip. The rest 7Zip opens with some errors, but these three will not extract no matter what I do. I have re-D/Ld them. I have tried on my WIN 7 and WIN 10 machines.
    Nothing works on them.

    My GSW ShoreLines\scenery folder starts with GSWCFS2_006_vtpBGL then at 008 it skips to 0013 to 0021 to 0031 to 0036 through 0039 then skips to 0042/0043/0048 skips to 0106 and runs to 0110 skips to 0113 skips to 0122 skips to 0133 skips several individuals and has long runs without skipping all the way through until 9549.


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    This set 001-008 are a multipart zip file. 7-zip will extract them properly if all are in the same folder... just select GSW, then choose 'Extract Here' and a "GSW Shorelines" folder will be created and all 8 files unzipped to it's scenery folder. No separate unzipping will work.

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