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    DCS World Question?

    Been waiting for the F-14 to install DCS.

    DCS Open Beta 2.5 is downloading now.

    Is the F-14 downloaded in-game?

    Thanks in advance!

    "Hornets by mandate, Tomcats by choice!"

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    -Once you buy the F-14 in the DCS E-Shop the module will be linked to your acct.[no more product key through DCS]
    -Update DCS World to today's Open Beta which contains the files for the Tomcat
    -Start DCS World and a Message should pop up to ask if you'd like to install The Tomcat.


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    Thanks Patrick! I'm 50% into the download of DCS World Open Beta. Appreciate the info!

    "Hornets by mandate, Tomcats by choice!"

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    I have downloaded the beta, and now installing! NC

    Check this youtube video, made with the Tomcat. This is truly incredible!!!


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