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Description: Dateline March 6, 2019: 75 years ago today, the 8th Air Force set out for “Fortress Europe”, target Big B!! BERLIN. This would turn out to be the costliest mission for the Mighty Eighth and the “Bloody Hundredth”. Sixty-Nine heavies would be lost!!! Of which, fifteen never returned to Thorpe Abbotts. 150 men MIA, KIA or POW! The lone returning 351st bomb squadron B-17 returning that day was “Our Gal Sal” with the crew of Robert J. Shoens . When he pulled into his hardstand, Olli Turner (CO of 351st BS) asked Lt. Bob Shoens where the rest of the squadron was? Lt Shoens replied they were all gone! Maj Turner wept and so did Bob! Today, let us remember the sacrifice put forth by the 100th BG and the 8th Air Force for our Freedom.

This repaint for Aeroplane Heaven's B-17G for FSX/SE represents "Our Gal Sal" after 35 missions, when Lt. Shoens completed his time as pilot of her. One will require their payware B-17F/G from their website.


Crew of B-17G 42-31767 "Our Gal Sal", 351st Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Groub, 8th Air Force

1st Lt. Robert J. Shoens - Pilot
2nd Lt. Duncan R. Shand - Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. Raymond E. Hanson - Navigator
2nd Lt. Glenn Hudson - Bombardier
Sgt. William Eresman - Top Turret/Engineer
Sgt. Donald B. Hammond - Radio Operator/Gunner
Sgt. Angelo J. Genevese - Ball Turret Gunner
Sgt. Vergil H. Warders - Waist Gunner
Sgt. William W. Wright - Waist Gunner
Sgt. Don L. Blair - Tail Gunner

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