Razbam T-2C Buckeye VT-9 Tigers.zip
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Thread: Razbam T-2C Buckeye VT-9 Tigers.zip

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    Razbam T-2C Buckeye VT-9 Tigers.zip

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military skins - Cold War

    Description: This texture set represents T2C Buckeye Serial No. 159161 as assigned to TRARON (VT) 9 assigned to NAS Meridian, Mississippi.

    Training Squadron 9

    The VT-9 Tigers is one of four U.S. Navy strike jet training squadrons and one of two based at Naval Air Station Meridian in Mississippi. Training Squadron NINE (VT-9) is the third squadron, and second training squadron, to be designated VT-9. The first VT-9 was established in 1927 as Torpedo Squadron NINE flying the Curtis T-3M Convertible Land/Seaplane. The first Training Squadron NINE was established on December 15, 1961 at McCain Field, U.S. Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi flying the T2J-1 Buckeye and calling themselves the "Tigers" when they were split out of Training Squadron SEVEN. In September 1962 the squadron's aircraft were redesignated to T-2A by the 1962 United States Tri-Service aircraft designation system. In 1969 the squadron was the first to upgrade to the T-2C Buckeye.

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    Very nice!

    I went through NAS Meridian (VT-9) in the T-2A version from October 1965 to April 1966. At that time there were only two squadrons there - VT-7 and VT-9, both using the T-2A. At that time then-LT John McCain was a flight instructor in VT-7.

    Our T-2As did not have the Clemson "tiger paw" belly band or USS LEXINGTON painted on them in those days.

    The base was relatively new with very nice facilities and a great runway layout. However it was some distance from down town, relatively remote except for the weekends.

    When we completed VT-7 or VT-9, we went on to Pensacola for the final phases of basic jet training in VT-4 at NAS Pensacola flying the T-2A for air-to air gunnery (using pods) and finally our first carrier qualifications.

    VT-4 had just got a couple of T-2B's and starting to make a transition, but only instructors were flying them, going through there own transition syllabus for this new type. I did get a couple of back seat rides in a T-2B "tractor", towing a gunnery banner for student gunnery runs. The performance improvement over the T-2A, especially in climb, was dramatic.

    Once we were done there we went on to either NAS Beeville or NAS Kingsville Texas for advanced jet training in the TF-9J/AF-9J and F-11. Advanced also took about 6 months when we finally got our wings.

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    I always thought the guys dragging those targets must have been scared having all those newbies shooting near them!

    Apparently this paint is circa 1981...

    I've been having a blast doing carrier landings in all the trainers. Nailed it first time with the Buckeye....
    Well, I caught the trap, I don't know how pretty my landing would have been to a real LSO
    Sure is nice knowing there's no chance I'm going to die...
    I've got some more paints planned for a bunch...

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    Outstanding! I look forward to more paints too. I wasn't a pilot, but did work on Buckeyes. Heavy ejection seats to remove/reinstall, and those aircraft always had hydraulic fluid in the belly panels. We kept drip pans under them, whenever in the hangar. NC

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