Grunau Baby IIb Released by Aerofly content creator kai503

A few words to the plane itself. The Grunau Baby was designed as an affordable, simple training plane. So, don't expect too much.
- The gliding ratio is 1:17 at 60 km/h. With other words; don't believe to come very far..
- It can do some basic aerobatics, it's the best way to destroy a lot of altitude in shortest time.
- Big ailerons, a short fuselage and a half flying rudder makes the handling a bit special.

Hi Guys,
It's a project I did a while back already. The model itself is from P3DV2 and I used it to improve some TMD skills. Last weekend I made it ready and just uploaded it to Download link is at the end of the post.

But, please, don't expect too much. It's a vintage sailplane, bad performance and bad handling, compared to modern gliders.