Flight 19 in the Gulf of Thailand
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Thread: Flight 19 in the Gulf of Thailand

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    Icon21 Flight 19 in the Gulf of Thailand

    So after the last couple of hectic weeks of racing and rebuilding, we decided we needed a tropical holiday. It started with Martin's mention of his vacation on a Vietnamese island -Phu Quoc (VVPQ) - http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...=1#post1175214

    Ferried in a couple of Seabees and miscellaneous other bits to Ho Chi Minh City and off we (MM, Taco and I) went.

    Crossing the Mekong enroute to VVRG

    and then the next day, Moses03 and I in the "Bees" crossing to Phu Quoc. No need to fly high when everything is a landing strip (and those old Franklin motors are wont to quit at inopportune times). Looking forward to some 'beach time' over the weekend.

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    Beware of black helicopters over Cambodia....
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    And at the VDPP terminal...
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    Hi all!

    On this adventure in the gulf of Thailand I have been playing catch up for most of the time. Me and this here computer were having problems understand each other. I sure hope that I now have the problem corrected. We shall find out tonight. So see you there.
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    On the way to a fish fry...

    Rob said to hail a boat for fresh fish.

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    Hehe, for a change everything went along just great! But did miss where the rest of the flight landed tried to rise them, but for some darn reason the DSL shut down. So, at the present, I sit in the water alone with me skidoo to chase around these water ways, and looking for a fine nice place to have a great fish dinner before hitting the air again. CU all later. Next time I won't forget to take some pictures

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    Hi there! Here is one picture of Flight 19 preparing for takeoff to our new destination of Trat to Bang Pra.
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    Howdy all just rocking around for a change. hehe

    We all took off from Trat , but with a lot of overcast or a real heavy haze, so we all headed to Bang PRA, now folks I didn't make up this name. When Dudley and I got to Bang Pra the bloody airport was down in a hole. Shucks, the first pass we didn't even seen it, but make 180 and by golly there it was, now this wasn't one of my better landings hehe almost bounce so much I thought we would lose a wing! Boy! did I get the weirdest look from Dudley, and all I could say, "hey, we made it, didn't we hehe no change from Dudley. I sure don't think he will buy my lunch today Hehehe.
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    Hi there!

    Well, I did it again, forgot to load the camera with film, so no pictures. One nice thing how is at least Dudley is speaking to me again. hehe. Part of our flight 19 decided to spend another day at Bang Pra, darn, I sure get a kick out that crazy name. Well anyway, Rob and I decided to fly onto Nakhon Pathom, now folks don't ask me to pronounce it had a heck of a time just spelling it. Back to bidness, this, believe me, was one of the best flights we have had on this adventure, clear skies, no wind to speak of, just set the A/P and set back and enjoy the scenery! Oh! I almost forgot we had a nice long runway to land at, and both of us made great landing. Rob and Dudley and I will stay here to wait for the rest of the flight. See you all later.

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    The rest of Flight 19 caught us with Rob and Dudley and I at Nakhon Pathom , and we all took off and headed for Hua hin Areo, or Prachuap Khiri Khan the same place. One is the city name and the other is the name of the airport me think.
    The weather was holding and we had clear weather for most of the way. Moses was having some engine problems and decided to return to the airport we just left. You would never guess, but Old Dudley gave me a big smile after the landing I made at Hua Hin Aero and it was at night, I thought it was pretty good me self. Hehe. Today is a TLC for the aircraft nothing real serious, but preventive maintenance is the key to keep ahead of any serious problem. But of course the needed TLC for the crews also has a preventive maintenance also, Great food, laying around in the sun and just enjoying life. Well, this old boy is off and running to, ah, shucks you know where. hehe. CU all later.
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    Howdy all!

    Well, it is Monday so back to work, hehe, if you call flying all over the countries around this world is work, hehe not for us. Rob, who was flying a DHC-3 Otto, and Dudley left Hua Hin Aero to the city of Chumpon (VTPH). Dudley and I were putting along just nice and easy, with the exception of playing the throttles like playing with a yo-yo up and down, trying to control the plane from over speeding. I thought we were having a problem, but Rob, it seem, was wrestling around with the Auto pilot trying to get it to do it's job. Weather was fair, but ahead of us it looked like that unpredictable haze was starting to settle in. Haha, by the time we were nearing Chumpon the haze disappeared and we had clear weather the rest of the way. Tomorrow we should be heading to Surat Thani (Samui). Enough bull, see you all tomorrow.
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    Hey there

    Doggone it, we missed a day of flying due to a screw up with the fueling of the planes, it seem, and I believe it, that the fuel was contaminate with some of the local water. That ended this day of flying. It took half of the day and most of the night just clean out the tanks on DHC-3, still took a wee bit of time getting the bad fuel out of the engine, but we made it.

    Finally we got into the flight again and took off from Chumphon (VTSE) and off with big smiles and headed for Surat thani I guess better known as Samui (VTSM). the weather started it's thing by bringing up some heavy haze, and some cloud cover, but all in all it was a very nice flight. The engine did a little coughing when we first stared out, but settled down and away we went. Hehe, I hope the pictures taken will show Mike and Rob taxing from the runway to the ramp. This has been one heck of an adventure and I hope it continues.
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    Oops, missed the 15th from adding anything to this forum. Well, my excuse is, Hehe taking the wife shopping some 100 miles away. Being retired, the thing I dislike is shopping! Oh well. the picture show the majority of Flight 19 getting fired up for our flight to Ranong (VTSR). All went well and it was an enjoyable flight.
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    Hey there!

    Part of the flight 19 decided to spend some more time at Rangon, but Rob and I thought we would go ahead and fly onto Nakhon Di Thammar, We were both flying the DHC-3, the one Rob was flying I believe he is to deliver it to some customer down the line some where. We were both playing yo-yo with the throttles, one minute you were right on the needed speed from over speeding the plane, and the next, without any adjustment you were over speeding no changes in the wind or the throttles. I believe that there is some kind of gremlin hiding somewhere in this crazy bird. Just my thoughts. hehe. For a while I thought we would have some real nasty weather, but it did materialize and it was a very nice flight with the exception of the over speed but at least it kept you awake.
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    Bit of an impromptu hiatus but back on the road to here.

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    Stopped at a gas station for a soda pop and directions.
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