The Tyranny of Distance - Longest Recorded Duenna Flight
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Thread: The Tyranny of Distance - Longest Recorded Duenna Flight

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    Icon22 The Tyranny of Distance - Longest Recorded Duenna Flight

    Okay, I have had this mild obsession for some time about setting the longest recorded Duenna flight.

    Back in 2008, Buzzbee from AVSIM recorded a 6955nm / 22:27 hr flight in a 747-400.

    I believe this is the longest standing flight (at least publically noted on the FS-Duenna site).

    Three days ago I took off from Perth, Western Australia (YPPH) in a fully laden B-36H in an attempt to best Buzzbee's record. Several hours into the flight, our cat stepped on the power switch and the computer promptly went dark. Argh!

    So yesterday I took off from YPPH again in the B-36H and this time was successful in setting the time/distance record (I think). I rolled from Perth at 3:16pm CST (local time here in TX) and landed safely the next day in Las Vegas (KLAS) at 6:57pm CST for a total of 27:41 hrs and 8374nm covered. I could have pushed it another 1200nm or so but wanted to go ahead and land before I lost power or some other mishap occured.

    Convair's Big Stick climbing out of Perth.

    Of Note: It took me about 1:20 / 220nm to reach cruising altitude of 32,000'.

    My computer lost wifi several times during the flight which seemed to mess up the recorded Duenna timing in the summary section unfortunately (got the communication error). The distance is shown along with a funky map graphic of the route (which actually was Perth-Townsville-Hawaii-Las Vegas).

    Who else is game for a long distance non-stop effort?

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    Hey Kevin, hot dog that is a long run. Here hoping that you got the title as the long run.

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    "Providence Permittin"

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    Not too shabby Jeff.

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    Icon26 New Max Distance Attempt

    I seemed to remember that Boeing did a long distance record attempt when they introduced the 777LR from Hong Kong to London the long way. It is described on an post here:

    I decided to take up Moses challenge. I knew I could not keep aloft as long as the B36 but thought I could better the distance. I scouted winds aloft using Skyvector to select my routing to take advantage of best jet stream winds. I am pretty happy with the results. 23hours 49 minutes aloft, 13,128nm. The duenna site stopped tracking when I crossed the Greenwich Meridian but Duenna on my computer kept on running. I did not have crash detection on so I got a yellow border (possible violation) but it was a clean flight.

    "Providence Permittin"

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    Wow! 13,128nm is going to be tough to beat. Nice run Jeff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    Who else is game for a long distance non-stop effort?

    I'm always up for a challenge...

    I have an Emirates B777-200LR airbourne out of Dubai. Right now (somewhere over China) the tailwinds are 115 knots, for a ground speed of 630 knots. If my pc and internet connection hold up, I'll be aiming for just over 24 hours and somewhat over 13,000nm. Fingers crossed...

    Edit: Failed. FSX, Duenna and FSXWX stopped communicating with each other through FSUIPC after around 8 hours.
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    Martin (FS RTW Race pilot 2009-19)
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    OK, so a single leg of over 13,000 nm looks like the goal. As noted, there may be problems with some setups holding the pieces together for extended hours but that's also the history of aviation.

    Now if we want to get to the agonizing level, there are the B-2 missions to the 'Stan - about 40 hours non-stop with perhaps a dozen tanker hookups on the round trip. Could easily be simulated (even without multiplayer) if someone had a very boring weekend ahead

    Is max distance, or max time the target?

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    Martin, sorry your attempt failed. It sure looked promising with the tailwind. Maybe try it again but with FSrealWxPro? At least you didn't have a cat shut off you power strip...

    Rob- My thinking is max distance is the key. Time aloft without refueling is a goal but you could circle the field for 30 hrs so not much adventure in that. If the time aloft is record setting along with your straight line distance attempt, then all is good.

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