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Thread: DCS F-16C Fighting Falcon

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    Hi everyone,

    It's a small thing, but something many of you have asked for: we have added an option in the Options / Special Tab of the F-16C to select between the gold tint and transparent canopy. Based on talks with SMEs, around 2007 the USAF/ANG started using the transparent canopies and phasing out the gold tint. Both have the same RCS reduction properties. We hope you enjoy the option to have both!

    Also on the Viper front the next update:

    1- Continued work on the Dogfight switch functions
    2- Addition of the DLZ to the radar page, Dogfight HUD, and HMCS
    3- Fix incorrect IFF ID in network play
    4- Adding new interactive training missions
    5- Adjusted horizon line when on the Persian Gulf map
    6- Adding flight to refuel commands

    We also hope to provide

    1- Many new skins that will first focus on actual USAF/ANG Blk 50 operators
    2- Steering cue adjustments
    3- Next phase in damage modeling
    4- Better accounting for wind in the flight dynamics

    Please note that these are not promises, they are simply to let you understand that these are the items that we are working on.


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